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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Gilbert Gables: Jenna flops down on the couch next to Elena. They're wallowing about being young, gorgeous and single, or something. I'd feel worse for Jenna, but she doesn't know that not only was Scum using her, he's long since dead. She just thinks she got a brush-off email and that's that. Jeremy interrupts their pout and asks them to keep it down. Elena and Jenna can't believe their eyes or ears. The Crown Prince of Pout is in deep in study mode! Elena deadpans: "What do you think -- alien?" Jenna scowls. "Some sort of replicant." Germ, who looks clean, sober and quite, fakes a smile. "He can hear you," then returns to his homework. Whatever he said/did to Jeremy, I'm thinking Damon could make a fortune renting himself out to parents. Heck, they might even give him blood, peacefully and willingly.

Sheriff's Office: Damon brings She's-the-Sheriff some Vervain and pumps her for information about the size of the F'n CoW, ever so gently (founding families and a few city officials). She wonders if they've been vamp hunting in all the wrong places -- what if the newest vamps to visit Mystic Falls can go out in daylight. Damon acts like that's crazy talk, but assures her he'll do everything he can to help. He's such a giver. Still, I can't help but think he'd get further if he compelled Caroline to be nicer to her mom. Commercial.

Gilbert Gables: Bonnie lets herself into Elena's room, where the latter is still in a funk, so she's just lying in bed. Bonnie tries to tempt her to get up, but when Elena won't move, she crawls under the covers with her (no porno). Elena doesn't want to talk about things, but Bonnie insists on at least a one liner, so she can pretend to help. Elena says she and Stefan broke up. Bonnie apologizes for sucking and being MIA -- then explains her absence by giving Elena a demonstration of her newly honed powers. She slices open a feather pillow, dumps the contents on Elena's bed, makes sure there's no fan going or windows open, and then proceeds to float a lily white feather by only encouraging it with hand motions. She then floats a dozen feathers, in the same way. Finally, she fills the air above Elena's bed with feathers, using no gestures at all. It's a beautiful scene. The girls look so young. So innocent. Bonnie's power looks so gentle. Elena kneels upright on the bed and covers her delighted smile with her hands, while Bonnie tells her that everything her Grams has been telling her about her witchy lineage is true. "I'm a witch." Looking happier than she has in episodes, Elena grins and nods as she watches the feathers float around her. "I believe you." The girls laugh and we cut to...

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