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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Too bad there's no 12 Step plan for avoiding his brother, because just as Lexi asks what they're doing that night, Damon wanders in and informs them of Caroline's party at the Grill. Stefan has no interest in attending but Damon insists that it's just a party, not a birthday party for Stefan, and with the hunt on and all, it's important for the Brothers Salvatore to be seen out and about, interacting with the townsfolk. "We need to blend." Just because he's evil doesn't mean he's wrong. And with the same disclaimer as before, this is when I figured out when Damon would be killing off Lexi. Anyhow, he teases her about her cold, bagged blood, then makes himself scarce.

Gilbert Gables: Bonnie worries that Elena will now think she's a freak. Elena doesn't, she just doesn't understand why Bonnie told her, when her Grams insisted she keep it a secret. Bonnie says, "You're my best friend. I can't keep secrets from you." Elena dies of shame.

Mossy Manse: Lexi, wearing only a towel, comes out of the bath and tells Stefan she's almost ready. Now, I'm not saying boys and girls can't be platonic friends. I'm just saying that 100 years is an awfully long time without some hanky panky happening. Stefan can't believe Lexi wants to go to the party, and can't help but think that Damon is up to something. He is, Stefan. He totally is. Don't take Lexi to that party. I like her! They don't listen and Lexi points out that since they'll be in the public eye, Damon will have no choice but to behave. She says that since she only gets one day a year with him when he's not broody and living in his own head, she won't take no for an answer. She wants to go celebrate the birthday of the guy who jumped naked in the Trevi Fountain. Excuse me. I have to go lie down for a moment. There's something else about getting drunk on the Statue of Liberty's torch, and then she smacks his ass and sends him on his way. I feel faint.

Exterior; Mossy Manse: Elena -- who doesn't want to lose her feeling for Stefan, but wants him to stay away from her -- drives up to his house. She's exercising her prerogative a little too often, don't you think? When she rings the bell, she hears a woman's voice telling her to come in. I don't know if Lexi is more shocked to see Katherine's twin (although she doesn't spill the beans), or if Elena's more shocked to see a woman in a towel wandering around Mossy Manse, but once Elena hears Stefan's in the shower, she skedaddles out of there. We cut to Stefan's bedroom, where he is shirtless. Lexi busts in and hollers at him, but not for putting on a shirt -- more's the pity. She's confronting him about Elena's ridiculous resemblance to Katherine. We cut to commercial, and when we're back, they're both dressed. Lexi tells him: "You have some serious, emotional damage." Stefan's all... No, it's not like that. Okay, it was totally like that, but then I got to see what a pure, shining, perfect, lovely, kind friend to humans, vamps, animals and snowflakes she was, and now it's not like that at all. Swear. Lexi's got this one. "Oh, so Elena's not a raging bitch, then?" Heh. But no. She is a pure, shining, perfect, lovely, kind, beautiful blah blah blah. Stefan is adamant that this is real. "When I'm around her, I completely forget what I am." Lexi's expression softens. "Oh my God, you're in love with her." Stefan says, "Yeah, I am."

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