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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

The Grill: Caroline surveys her latest social scene with pride, although how hard is it to organize a party at the local hangout, when everyone would be hanging out there, anyhow. Damon comes over to pee on her parade. When she asks him if he's having a good time, he asks if she has his crystal. Since she doesn't, he says, "Then I'm not having a good time." When Lexi walks in alone, he makes a beeline for her and asks where his brother is. Lexi says, "He said he'd meet me here," and walks past Damon before he can finish offering to buy her a drink. LOVE HER.

Gilbert Gables: Stefan drops by to clarify that Lexi is just his oldest (350 years, to be exact) friend, and there's been nothing romantic, ever. Riiiiiight. When Elena mentions how Lexi stared at her, Stefan easily lies that that was probably because he's talked a lot about her. He wants to know why Elena dropped by his house in the first place. She decides it was a mistake and doesn't want to get into it. Then she whines about how she needs someone to talk to about everything (about him) but she can't even tell her best friend. The only person she can talk to (about him) is him (and that never works). He assures her that he'll always be there for her and that she can come to him about anything. After she thanks him for stopping by, he starts to leave, and then turns back to ask her if she'd like a ride to the Grill. She laughs at the thought of him attending Caroline's party, but he explains that Lexi is dragging him -- and that it's his birthday. Elena warms up a little more at this but ultimately decides to stay in. Her refusal wipes Stefan's thousand-watt smile off his face even quicker than Damon ever could, but he doesn't push things. He just leaves, politely.

The Grill: The party is really cranking. Caroline hunts Bonnie down and tells her she needs her crystal back. Bonnie's not so willing to return it now, so Caroline tells her the most horrible lie any character has ever told another character on a WB/CW show. I mean really, disgusting, awful. If anyone said this to Caroline, she'd take to her tub, slit open her veins and go like an old Roman. I... I hesitate to repeat it, here, but what choice do I have. "It makes you look fat." Bonnie knows she's all that and a bag of non-fat baked chips, so Caroline's manipulation amounts to squat. What's more, she knows Caroline doesn't want it back for herself -- but for Damon, so she refuses to hand it over. Caroline reaches for it, and gets zapped. "Ouch. Are you wearing polyester?" Awesome. Bonnie is appalled that Caroline was going to rip the amulet off her neck, and I get that -- I do, but putting that aside, Caroline absolutely zero understanding of the amulet's significance to Bonnie, so I can understand her anger (if not her actions), too.

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