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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Stefan enters and runs into Matt. He stops him and begs for a moment to plead his case. He was just trying to help Vicki. He's been through something similar. He's sorry. Of course, that's not one-tenth of the story, but it's all poor Matt is going to get. Matt says, "Turns out Vicki is just like her mother. I can't count on either of them." Curious wording there: her mother. Poor Pudding Pop. He thanks Stefan for trying, and walks off. And you know, I really like Stefan, but I hope he's nearly dying of guilt right now. If he had his way, Matt would be worrying about Vicki and wondering where she is for the rest of his life. It's not right. I get it, but it's bad, bad, very bad.

Caroline continues to patrol the party until she's stopped by Damon, who's still demanding his crystal. Don't get between this boy and his jewelry. Remember how he was to Stefan about his ring? Anyhow, Caroline tells him Bonnie won't give it back and mentions that when she tried to rip it off Bonnie's neck, it shocked her. Damon scowls. "Damn it, why does it do that?" He needs it and he wants it and it's all about him, so he's quite nasty to her. Caroline reminds him how good she is to him, and that she'd do anything for him, but that "it's just a stupid necklace." Damon tells her that she's stupid. And shallow. And useless. He might as well have drained her blood.

Meanwhile, Lexi encourages Stefan to try moving his feet while dancing. Stefan laughs and cracks a joke. Amazing, I know. While they're occupied, Damon slips outside and takes a deep breath he shouldn't need. His vampyric hearing picks up on the sounds of a young couple who have never seen a horror film in their lives, and so are going to make out in a dark alleyway behind the restaurant. Buffy says, "What's the big? I had sex in an alley, once." Hush girl, I'd blocked that out. The couple unlocks lips long enough for the girl to ask the boy if he heard something, which makes me yearn for Darla. The boy can't hear anything other than the whoosh of all of his blood headed south of the equator, so he moves back in, and in a spectacular bit of camera work, it looks for a second like the boy has vamped out, and is taking a bite of the girl, but really, it's Damon sinking his teeth into the boy. Once the boy drops dead, Damon moves in for the girl, but rather than drain her dry, he enthralls her. Commercial.

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