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It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

The Grill: Stefan and Lexi are shooting pool and having a blast when Elena, who was totally going to stay in (as she said when Stefan dropped by to see why dropped by his house, after asking him to stay away from her, after telling him she never wanted to forget how much she feels for him baby -- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr) arrives at the Grill. She watches them jealously, from a distance. Damon comes back in and smiles a particularly evil smile when he sees them, and it only gets worse once he spots Elena. He walks to her side. "Stefan smiles. Alert the media." Can't, Damon. You and Vicki ate the media. You should drop by Faux News, sometime. Elena and Damon bicker for a moment about her self-righteousness and his psychopathy. But their hearts aren't in it. She starts to walk away, but then decides to take the opportunity to ask what exactly he did to Jeremy (who you'll remember was clean, sober, and studious). At first, Damon reiterates Elena's orders, but when she persists he says that Elena wanted him to take away Jeremy's suffering. Is it just me, or does that sound like step one in creating a sociopath? Elena seems to be with me. She looks uncomfortable as she takes in Damon's words, and well she should. Who has a monster mindwipe their little brother -- particularly without supervising said mindwipe?

Across the room, Bonnie tries to talk to Caroline, but she's blaming Bonnie for Damon calling her stupid, shallow, useless and whatever other sweet nothings he hissed at her earlier. Bonnie says, "That's not true. Don't let him treat you like that." Caroline says, "Yeah, as opposed to how my best friend treats me." Bonnie refrains from saying, "I'm not your BFF. I'm Elena's."

Car 134, with the word "SHERIFF" emblazoned across the door drives up to the Grill. The deputy hears victim-girl cry, "Help me." He stands at the top of a stairwell, and shines his light down, then descends to the alleyway, where victim-boy lies in a pool of his own blood.

Meanwhile, in the bar, when Lexi can't order Tequila without an ID, she compels the bartender into giving it to her, on the house. And she ups her order from two shots to three when she sees Elena. Elena's too busy trying to look at Stefan without being caught to see Lexi approach her, so she's surprised to be greeted by the words: "The famous Elena." She's quick on her feet though, because she hails Lexi as, "Towel Girl." Just to make sure I'll really miss her after she meets her doom, Lexi says, "I've been called worse," and she does so with a good-natured smile. She offers Elena a shot, which she accepts, but never does drink. Lexi ends up downing all three, and gives a Mythology Moment: booze helps vamps control their bloodlust, as she and Elena get to know -- and like each other. She confides in Elena about her own true love -- a human -- and how hard it was for him to come to terms with her vampirism, but it was totally worth it. She also talks up Stefan like a good best friend should. He, of course, hears every word, and later thanks Lexi for being the bestest FBfBFF, ever. Her reply? "I was feeling epic. Whatever." Okay, she can die, now. Stefan stares across the room and locks eyes with Elena. Before either one looks away, we cut to...

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