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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both
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What a season, huh? I hate that there are more hiatus weeks in the year than show weeks. It always feels like I'm waiting for the show to return, and here we are at the beginning of the worst curse of all -- summer hiatus (you antipodeans can just substitute winter in there). My daughter hates the finale -- mostly because it's a finale. I'm know how she feels, but I'm trying not to let that attitude color my recap, so let's get right to it.

Gilbert Gables: Elena looks in on a still sleeping Jeremy. His bicep is on display much as it was in last year's finale, but this time, he's not trying to die or turn; he's back from the dead. She then peeks in the late Jenna's empty room, which was probably Grayson and Miranda's room. Poor Elena. I hope she's not mopey all episode, though. I mean -- this is it for the season, girl. Give us some spunk to tide us over. Damon surprises her in the hall and tells her it will get easier. He then apologizes for forcing his blood on her and begs for her forgiveness. Elena tells him she needs some time, which, inconveniently, is the one thing Damon doesn't have, but he tells her to take all the time she needs.

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Mossy Manse: Damon arrives home, pours himself a drink, downs it, examines his werewolf bite and opens the heavy drapes in the parlor. He pauses to feel the sun's warmth on his skin, then turns to place his empty glass on an occasional table. When he returns to the window he takes off his Daywalker Ring and tries to commit suicide via sunlight, but Stefan swoops in, stops it and locks Damon in the dungeon, 'til he can find a werewolf bite cure.

Forest: A nekkid Satan Klaus wakes up and for a moment, I expect Oz to be next to him, but that's the other show. Klaus crows about his amazing new adventures. He remembers every kill! Yippee for him? Elijah is watching over him and informs him the full moon came and went and yet Klaus remained a wolf. Klaus says this means he can turn at will. Klaus and Elijah recap last week's events and the bargain Elijah struck with Klaus, but if you didn't see last week's episode, why the hell are you watching this one and reading this weecap? Last week was the true season finale. This week is denouement.

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