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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both

I kind of hope we see less of Katherine next season. Don't get me wrong. Nina Dobrev is definitely this season's MVP. I never think about how it's one actress playing two characters when I'm actually watching them on my TV. She is Katherine. She is Elena. Katherine and Elena have nothing in common except for looks and Brothers Salvatore. Still, I think Katherine should be treated as seasoning, not a main course. I hope the show doesn't overuse her. I also hope the show isn't afraid to take Stefan to a really dark place. If he's all suffering and tormented, I'm afraid I'll get turned off. If you're going to make him Angelus, really make him Angelus show. Seriously, writers. Watch the second season of Buffy this summer and see what I mean. If Stefan's going to be the bad one, let him have a sense of whimsy about it. Don't send us to Depressionville for a year (see the rest of the seasons of Buffy and Angel).

Do you trust Sheriff Forbes' will truly turn from bigotry? Although I half expected her to stake or shoot Caroline when they hugged, I guess I do. It's just that she seems to have been won over so quickly. I guess there are some stories that aren't worth dragging out, though. But you know, I might have preferred that mother and child reunion if it had been left hanging from the proverbial cliff for the summer.

I could go on and on, especially about Elena and Damon, but I've already gotten one extension, and it's not fair to make you or editorial wait any longer. You can find me on Twitter, or email me at CynthiaMcLennan [at], and let me know your speculation about next season and your opinion of this season. Please vote in the poll, grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the forum, where we'll think about the endless hiatus tomorrow, at Tara.

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