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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both

Mossy Manse: Cut to Damon in the dungeon. He starts to hallucinate, so we get a...

Flashback to 1864. Katherine needs help untying her corset. Damon, looking dapper in his Confederate uniform, obliges, as Katherine purrs about how she wants both brothers. Get in line, sister. Elena pops into the hallucination and spells out to Damon the fact that Katherine was toying with him. All he had to do was walk away. He had a choice.

Damon comes out of his hallucination, groans and looks at the bite on his arm. It's getting more disgusting by the second.

Alaric's Apartment: Katherine is still trapped inside. I don't really get that, since Damon slipped her Vervain and then Klaus released her to set up Jenna, but whatever. I guess he only temporarily released her. It's not like Klaus can't parse the hell out of his words, so I won't nitpick. When Stefan shows up, Katherine is fit to be tied. She complains about being trapped and doesn't understand why she's not free of Klaus's compulsion since he's dead and all. Stefan: "The thing is, here's the thing..." (paraphrase). As Stefan starts to explain the epic failure of the Fellowship of the Falls, Katherine shoves him against the wall and shushes him, because she hears footsteps approaching and recognizes the sound of the cloven hoofs I guess. Yep. It's Satan Klaus and Elijah. Stefan asks Klaus to help him save Damon. Klaus says he has an obligation to his own brother to which he must first attend. Elijah exposits about how the Salvatores and the Originals both value family, and that he saved Klaus because Klaus promised to reunite Elijah with his family. Klaus: "And so I shall." He then plunges the magical Original-killing dagger into Elijah's chest. Yawn. Saw that coming a mile off. Oh Elijah, you're very pretty, but you so deserved that, I can't even care that you should have seen it coming, too. Once Elijah drops dead, Klaus pushes Stefan to the wall and says, "Now, what am I gonna do with you?" Katherine just stands around with her mouth open, which she will continue to do until she finally serves a purpose at episode's end. Commercial.

We return from a commercial touting the newest Vampire Diaries novel, and it feels like we return a couple of seconds late, doesn't it -- because Klaus is plunging a wooden stake into Stefan's chest and narrates that it's scraping Stefan's heart. Shudder. Katherine says Stefan is just trying to help his brother. Um, Katie? I know being goodish is new to you, but did you not see what Klaus just did to his very own kin? Somehow, I don't think you're going to appeal to him on brotherly bonds. Stefan tells Klaus that the witches said he has the cure for Damon. He proposes a deal in which he parses but nothing: give him the cure and he'll do anything Klaus wants. Oh Stefan! Klaus pulls out the stake, pours himself a drink and says that as Stefan is now, he's just short of useless.

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