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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both

Mossy Manse Dungeon: Alaric visits Damon and brings him some blood. Oh no wait, that's booze. He says he doesn't blame Damon for Jenna. Damon starts rubbing it in about how he killed Isobel, but Alaric says they're not drunk enough for that conversation. Damon wants Alaric to kill him. Since riling him up over Jenna and Isobel didn't work, he grabs Alaric's throat through the bars on the cell door and begs him outright. Alaric: "Screw you." Damon falls to the floor in pain and calls out for Elena. Alaric: "Elena's not here, Damon."

Mossy Manse; Exterior; Night: Elena is too here, but before she can enter the manse, she is picked up by She's the Sheriff and a random He's the Deputy.

Interior: Damon cries out for blood. While Alaric is getting a bag from the fridge, he's confronted by Sheriff Liz who is pointing her gun right at him. She's come for Damon. Alaric tries to warn her off, but Liz and her deputy shut him in another basement room and open Damon's cell. He's hiding up against the wall when Liz enters. When he says her name, the Sheriff turns toward him. Damon grabs her by the arms, swings her like a baseball bat and bashes her head against the wall. That's gonna leave a bump. Commercial.

Event O' The Week: Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy watch as Scarlett surveys the wounded Confederate troops in Atlanta. Caroline whispers that all the waiting is ruining Scarlett for her. I hear ya, girl. Who can really watch a movie at one of those things, anyhow? You must have the DVDs at home. Alaric calls Jeremy and warns him that Damon has gotten free. Since as far as Jeremy knows -- Elena is out looking for Damon, he wants to go find her. Bonnie tries to stop him, explaining how off the rails the werewolf venom could make Damon. Jeremy puts his foot down. I think he's really the Scarlett -- of this episode, at least. "You keep doing this. You left me behind before, and guess what? Jenna still died. Now I'm going to find my sister. You go ahead and you try to stop me."

Alaric's Apartment: I love that Klaus is still squatting there. Poor Alaric, huh? As Stefan recovers from being staked, Klaus makes it clear that he knows of Stefan's past as a ripper. Backstory: In 1917, Stefan wiped out an entire migrant village in Monterey. That is the vampire with whom Klaus will make a deal. Satan Klaus is a show-don't-tell kind of guy so he summons Katherine and bites her. He's a werewolf now too, remember so his bite is fatal to her. As Katherine cries, "No," Klaus bites into his own wrist and feeds his blood to Katherine. Her wound heals instantly. Klaus doesn't just have the cure. He is the cure. Stefan feels the need to state that outright. Why? I don't know. Let's leave these two boys to talk and check in on Damon.

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