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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both

Event O' The Week: Damon is stumbling around the square. While Atlanta burns up on the big screen, he hallucinates up a vision of Katherine in her 1864 finery. He's brought back to reality by Jeremy who helps him leave the square.

Sheriff's Office: Elena asks Liz where Damon is. Liz is still completely anti-vampire, which is a reasonable stance, yo, so she can't control her sneer as she reminds Elena that vampires are murderers. "But it's different, Liz. These murderers are beautiful and they love me." Paraphrase. Just then a deputy arrives and announces Damon was scene entering the grill. Elena begs to go with Liz, but Liz orders her deputy to keep Elena there.

Grill: Damon is hurting bad, now. Jeremy calls someone (Bonnie, I guess) and says he's with Damon at the Grill. Just then Liz enters and aims her gun at Damon. As she shoots, he Stealth-Salvatores out of her line of fire. The bullet pierces Jeremy's chest. He's all, "WTF, I love this shirt," before he collapses to the floor. As Liz makes a call for paramedics, Bonnie and Caroline rush in. Caroline thinks Jeremy will be okay because the ring mythology is really pretty stupid. I mean, if a person shoves you off a balcony, you're dead. If a vampire shoves you off a balcony, you're as right as rain? Come on. Bonnie pretends it's not stupid though, and reminds Caroline it won't work because a human shot the gun, not a vampire. Caroline rips into her own arm and tries to feed Jeremy her blood but he's already gone. Liz watches in confusion and horror. Harry Potter commercial.

Alaric arrives at the Grill and surveys the damage. Bonnie asks him to grab Jeremy. She says she knows what they need to do. Liz starts babbling about this being a crime scene. I don't see Damon. He must have taken off during the break. Caroline tells her mother to get a fricking grip and let them go. Alaric picks up Jeremy and carries him out.

Sheriff's Office: Elena throws open the shutters, smashes a chair through the window and makes her escape. There's my spunk! [Buffy: That's my girl. That's my good, good girl.]

Alaric's Apartment: Satan Klaus wants Stefan to join him on a decade-long bender. When Stefan declines, Klaus takes the blood he'd bottled up for Damon and starts pouring it out. When Stefan stops him, Klaus insists Stefan join him for a drink. Now, when this scene first aired, I figured Stefan would be okay, because the last time his human blood problem was frenzy was addressed, Stefan was taking little bits of Elena's blood to build up both his strength and his tolerance. I figured way, way wrong. Klaus slides Stefan a bag of O Positive and insists he finish it. "You do everything I say and I save your brother. That's the deal." Stefan pauses dramatically, because he doesn't get to talk much this episode, and finally drains the bag. When the blood is gone, Klaus slides him another bag. "Again." Stefan closes his eyes and drinks deep.

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