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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both

Mansion Ruins: Bonnie tells Alaric there's a spell to save Jeremy if only the witches will give her the power to use it. When she starts to chant, the witches make it clear they don't want to help, because they know if the show goes to the magical well too many times, the audience is going to start rolling his eyes. (Note to Dead Witches: We already are.) As Bonnie clutches Jeremy's dead body, she explains to Alaric that they're warning her there will be consequences, but she doesn't mean our response, she means magical consequences. Alaric: "Well, he's just a kid, tell 'em to shut up." Aw, that was kind of cute. Bonnie chants again. Candles flicker. The chandelier rattles. The whole room shakes. The witches whisper (and it's really creepy). As Bonnie's nose bleeds, she pleads for Emily to help her. Finally she says the magic words: "I love him." The shaking and whispering stops. The candles burn out. Bonnie cries at her presumed failure -- but then Jeremy comes back to life. When he wants to know what happened, she tells him it doesn't matter as long as he's okay. She looks up and thanks the ceiling, I guess for not letting that chandelier fall on her head.

Event O' The Week: Damon and Elena finally find each other as Atlanta is consumed by flames on the big screen. Don't you get it? Their love is an inferno! As Elena tells Damon she has to hide him, he hallucinates about running through the woods at night with 1864 Katherine. In the present, Damon pushes Elena up against a wall. In his hallucination, Damon asks 1864 Katherine to feed him her blood. She says she won't feed him. "If you want it, take it." Damon says, "I choose you, Katherine." In the present, Elena is all like, "It's me, Elena." In the hallucination, Damon asks Katherine not to tell his brother. She promises she won't. "It will be our little secret." In the present, Damon moves his fangs towards Elena's throat. She (weakly) tries to fight him off as she says, "No," but he's all sweaty and gross and out of it as he says, "I have to, if we're to be together forever." He thinks he's biting 1864 Katherine, until Elena's pleas for him to stop biting her finally cut through the fog. When he realizes what he's done, he falls to his knees. Elena drops down beside him and puts her arms around him, even as she applies pressure to her neck with the other hand. Commerical.

Grill: Caroline tells Liz she just got a text from Bonnie. "Jeremy is alive." Liz: "I thought I killed him." Liz: "I don't understand." Caroline: "I explained it to you once, but I had to make you forget, because I was so scared of what you might do. But now, I don't want to lie. I'm not going to be afraid of you anymore. And I don't want you to be afraid of me, anymore." She grabs her mother's hands and adds, "I'm still your little girl." And really Liz, she's a hell of a lot more tolerable and far nicer, now that she's a vampire. "It's me. It's me. Mom." The ladies hug and we cut to...

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