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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy searching on bing for information on being "back from the dead." What a goober. As he does, Bonnie video phones him. She wants to know how he's doing. He says he's trying to figure out what's wrong with him. He feels different and weird. Bonnie says that since he was dead it would be weird if it wasn't weird. Jeremy tells her he doesn't know how to thank her. Bonnie: "You can thank me tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that." They giggle and coo, 'til she bids him goodnight. Once their call ends, Alaric pops his head in Jeremy's room and says he's gonna take off. He asks Jeremy if he needs anything, but Jeremy says he's good. Alaric stands there and watches this kid he helped drag out of a life of drugs and destruction (okay, so it was easier thanks to a heaping helping of vampyric compulsion) and his eyes fill up. "You know, on second thought, I might just crash here. Is that cool?" That's very cool, Alaric. I like that you're acting like he's doing you a favor, when it's clear you're really just trying to be there for him. Jeremy says he's welcome to stay, and as Alaric heads down the hall, he calls him back to thank him for everything. Alaric peeks back in the room and says, "Oh, you can thank me tomorrow." Jeremy smiles at him, so Alaric continues in a sweet girly voice, "And the day after that, and the day after that." Hee. Jeremy throws something at Alaric and laughs that he eavesdropped on his convo with Bonnie. It's good to see these poor guys have one light moment.

Mossy Manse: Elena stands by Damon's bedside with a towel, but fails to wipe the river of sweat off his face. Afraid he could attack her, he orders her to leave, but Elena says she knows he won't hurt her. As he moans in pain, Elena hops on the bed next to him and clutches his sweaty head to her bosom. Sheeeeeesh girl, wipe off his sweat. It's going to stain your top, and it's so, so icky. As Elena tells Damon it's okay, he changes the meaning of "it's" to all the poor choices he's made in his long life. It's all his fault. He chose to love Katherine. No one forced him. He should not have blamed Stefan all the time. He asks Elena to tell Stefan he's sorry. She nods and says she will as she holds him and his sweat even tighter. Now look, I wouldn't mind a sweaty Damon in bed, if his sweat was from...being in bed, but the werewolf venom death sickness sweat is making my stomach turn. And she's got a frigging towel right in her hand. What the hell?

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