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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?
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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Jeremy dies. Elena cries. Damon tells Elena to turn off her humanity. Stefan, who had been whining at Damon to do something, of course hates the something Damon does. Elena burns down the house. I hope Damon will come over and order me to turn off my TV. No such luck.

Now on The Vampire Diaries, it is nighttime. Elena tries the old Lie Down On the Road trick. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Stefan is bitching to Damon that they're going to lose their girlfriend, since she's flicked off the humanity switch. Damon thinks that's one of the best perks of being a vampire (switch flipping, not girlfriend losing). I still want to turn off my TV. We cut to...

The Road. A car slows to a stop in front of Elena. We cut to a...

Sidebar. Seriously, Show? Are you just trolling me, now? Do we have to cut every few seconds?

Mossy Manse. Damon tells Stefan that the worst case scenario simply means he'll use the sire-bone (not a typo, just an attitude-o) to force Elena to flick on the humanity switch. Stefan is the smart brother this week, or at least this scene, so he points out that as soon as Damon does that, Elena's grief will overwhelm her. He says they need to give her a reason to want to turn it on, which I don't really get. Why would a reason prevent the flood of grief over Jeremy's death? Damon suggests showing her a good time. "I know it's controversial, Stefan, but people actually like to have fun." Tell me about it, Pixie Monster. This is why I want to shut off my TV, but you mooks keep yapping, and Princess PainInTheAss is still lying out on that...

Road. The driver of the car runs to Elena and asks if she's okay. Elena turns on the Stepford stare, and monotones that she doesn't feel anything, so the woman rushes back to her car for a blanket. Elena Stealth-Salvatores to her, vamps out, and takes a big juicy bite. When she gets a little carried away, Damon emerges from the shadows and calls her off. Elena's hungry damn it, and since vampires don't have to watch their weight, I say girlfriend should go for it, but Damon tells her to show some restraint. Elena lets her victim fall to the ground, grumps that she, "...thought this was supposed to be fun," and then walks off, with blood still dripping down her face, so yes, the Show is certainly trolling me. Good to know. Title card.

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