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I'm trying to think of the last time I wrote something about an episode of TV that made me see a show in a whole new light. If I've done so before, it was probably in a Lost recap, but honestly, I can't remember. I might have to go back further than that -- perhaps to my Buffy fandom heydays. I know the most recent time it happened, though. It's right there, in the recaplet. See that link up there? If you're feeling discouraged with season cure gore four, click on the recaplet link and read the last five or six paragraphs, starting with "I'm trying not to be totally negative..." In trying not to be negative, I accidentally swung myself around to full-on positive. I don't care if you love or hate The Vampire Diaries, except that you're nice people and I want you to enjoy your entertainment. My analysis isn't transformative by any means, but if you're feeling discouraged, I offer it to you, in hopes that it will give you a different perspective.

Speaking of perspective, I'm still trying to decide how culpable Damon is -- concerning the Lakehouse Town deaths, so I'm offering up my own version of "Previously, on The Vampire Diaries, in lieu of the show's. After watching "Catch Me If You Can," a couple of times, I went back and watched "After School Special" again... well, I fast-forwarded through all the Breakfast Club nonsense and just watched the scenes at the Lake House. Klaus shows up and finds Jeremy hasn't yet killed any more vampires. He later tells Damon that there's a town full of people just waiting to be turned and killed. When Damon balks, Klaus ribs him about trying to be good for Elena, then says he's already taken action. In the next scene, we learn Pizza woman has been turned. When she attacks Matt, Jeremy kills her. Later, Damon and Elena talk on the phone. Before he tells her to come to him, he says that he's set on getting her the cure, and that will involve him doing things she won't like. By episode's end, he takes Jeremy and Matt to the Zanadew (never not going to smile at that) Lounge. The bar patrons are all in transition. When Jeremy says to Damon that he thought he was going to convince Klaus to do this another way, Damon says, "Well, I thought about it, and then I realized his idea was better."

Here's what I'm trying to figure out. Did Klaus take out the whole town before talking to Damon, or only the Pizza Woman? Did Damon give the okay for the massacre? Even if Damon did agree before Klaus slaughtered the Zanadewians, how much does it matter? It's not like Damon holds any sway over Klaus, and he knows it. As mercurial as he can be, Damon has a strong pragmatic streak. He knows bucking Klaus is only going to lead to more trouble.

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