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That's Not Heroic. It's Tragic.
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Hey, everyone. I've seen a mixed reaction to this episode online, and the ratings were among the series' lowest, but I am really jazzed over it. My recaplet was pretty review-heavy, so if you're interested in that sort of discussion, click that little link above. If not, let's get straight to the recappy goodness.

Brady, Jules, and a funny little werewolf (I'm calling Wolfgeek) who is sort of the wolf version of the late Slater, pile up their litter-mates' corpses. They're going to burn them -- right in the middle of the fricking woods. Smokey the Bear shakes his head at the scene, but they ignore him. Tsk. Wolfgeek tells Jules and Brady he had long suspected that Mason was up to something because he was banging that hot vampire chick, "Kathy" (I think Katherine would rip his heart out just for calling her Kathy), and now he knows what that something is. He figures the Mystic Falls Fang Gang is putting things in place to break the Sun & Moon Curse. Wolfgeek's not exactly right, but that's not a bad guess. Brady says they can't let that happen, even if they have to kill every last vamp in town. Over this fandom's dead bodies, Brady.

Fortress Forbes: The phone rings, interrupting the slumbering part of Elena, Bonnie and Caroline's slumber party. Even though they're Caroline's house, Elena answers the phone, which is convenient, since it's Stefan. When she proposes a sleepover for the two of them, he's all in, because he's selfless like that.

Mossy Manse: Hooray, Damon didn't kill girl-reporter Andi Starr. Instead, he's teaching her the finer points of wearing a scarf to cover the fang marks on her neck and compelling her to think he's "the one." Oh Damon, you know, if you hadn't opened her throat, I don't think any compulsion would be necessary. She's covering the event o'the week: the Historical Society's high tea at the Mayoral mansion, featuring Elijah "Smith" (Damon scoffs at the unimaginative surname) who's writing about small-town Virginia. As Andi leaves, Alaric enters, ready for some good old fashioned bromance.

Grill: Bonnie tells Caroline she's got plans to get some intel from Junior Manwitch, but that conversation is interrupted when Matt walks by and glares at Caroline, who still has no clue that our blue-eyed Pudding Pop knows she lied about being with Bonnie in last week's episode.

Wolfy Woods: Ty finds Jules at the RV and reminds her Senior Manwitch said the Wolfgang needs to get out of Dodge. (And he calls him "Manwitch" which I am totally taking as a shout-out, even though it's probably not.) Before they leave, Brady wants to get the moonstone. Wolfgeek explains the curse of the Sun and the Moon to Ty, and Jules points out that if the wolves can turn at will, that means he can choose to never turn at all. As you can imagine, Tyler salivates at this like he can hear Pavlov's bell. Of course Wolfgeek glosses over the doppelganger component (which he defines as "evil twin shadow person" -- ha) needed to break the curse. When he shows Ty a picture of Mason and "Kathy," Ty says, "That's Elena Gilbert!" Jules is surprised he knows her. Ty: "I've known her my whole life." Tyler, you big dumb jock! Don't you think you should ask what they need the doppelganger for, before you betray this girl you've known your whole life? You totally deserved Caroline's wrath last week.

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