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"Disturbing Behavior" pits irresistible force against immovable object. It may appear to be about witches, ghosts, vampires, hybrids, an enchanted necklace, but it is really a story about that most ancient of battles: heart versus head. "Follow your heart," is a favorite aphorism, but it's not always the right thing to do. The heart can be a stompy-footed two-year old -- at least mine can. Damon could relate to that if he would just -- as Alaric will soon tell him -- take a beat. Damon isn't the only character whose heart and head are at odds. Elena, Caroline, Bill, Liz, Jeremy, and Stefan are all in the same situation. Not all of these characters should listen to their heads over their hearts. Some are straddling the line, as if there is ever a demilitarized zone in this never ending war, because they feel as if they have no choice. But? There is always a choice. The problem is that choices, even the right ones, have consequences. Let's check in with the Fellowship of the Falls and the Fang Gang and see where they're at -- their hearts and their heads.

Chicago: Klaus and Stefan sip champagne as they slounge around a trendy boutique, while Rebekah shops. She is not impressed with modern clothes. "So women in the 21st Century dress like prostitutes, then. You know, I got dirty looks for wearing trousers." Sing it, sister, and then try finding suitable clothing that will please a 13 year old girl -- one who looks 16 and thinks she's 26. Klaus smirks at his little sister. "You wore trousers so women today could wear nothing." Rebekah: "And what is this music? It sounds like a cable car accident." I never expected to be kindred spirits with an Original, but there you go. Klaus ignores her complaints and reminds her of his own. He can't believe she lost her necklace. Rebekah says she didn't lose it; it's just been missing for 90 years. She then asks Stefan's opinion of her dress. When he says he likes it, Rebekah plays foreshadowing fairy. "I can always tell when you're lying, Stefan." As Rebekah returns to the changing room, Klaus turns to Stefan. "Nice one. Good work." Stefan: "You're the one who pulled the dagger out of her." Hee. Rebekah calls out, "I heard that." Stefan excuses himself for some fresh air. Outside, he spots Katherine across the street. She gestures for him to follow her. As he does, we cut to...

Mystic Falls, Gilbert Gables Kitchen: While Elena is trying to get Alaric to attend the latest Founders event at the Lockwood's, Damon teases her about what she's bringing to the potluck. Wait, there's a potluck party at the Mayoral Mansion? Really? I guess even fictional families aren't exempt from these hard economic times. Damon: "I just don't know why you want to bring chili to a potluck. Everybody brings chili. [...] You show up, there's going to be nine other people who brought chili." Elena: "It's an old family recipe, okay?" Damon: "Yeah, I know. I knew your old family. They made sucky chili." With that, he takes the knife from her hand and smiles at her. Elena laughs and bumps his hip with her own. It's all very flirty-wirty. Alaric catches the vibe too, so he cock blocks as well as he can and asks Damon, "Why are you here, exactly?" Damon answers, "She knows." Elena explains that Damon thinks she's going to break. "But I'm not going to break. I'm just going to keep making chili and pretend I didn't spend the entire summer looking for someone who didn't want to be found." Damon: "She's in denial." When Elena disagrees, Damon points out she's still wearing the necklace. "Isn't this a reminder of your unbreakable bond with Stefan?" Poor Elena, her heart wants both brothers, but she's trying so hard to listen to her head, which is extra difficult in her case, because that's where her eyes live, and although they're both bad, they're both so beautiful.

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