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Well this one is a tear-jerker, so let's get right to ripping off the bandage. At Klaus Haus, Klaus is painting black paint all over one of his painting. I decided it was another OMG CAROLINE + PONIES portrait, because I need all the levity I can get this week. Esther-bekah arrives home and gives Klaus a decoy Son of White Oak stake. He tosses it in the fireplace and starts talking about packing up his doppelganger and heading out of town. Esther-bekah is careful to stay in Rebekah's whiny little girl character as she begs for a chance to attend this week's Event O' the Week: the 1920s dance. She's all pretty please I have big plans. A sucker at heart, Klaus finally relents.

Mossy Manse. Damon's on the phone with Ric, who is actually still Evilaric pretending to be Ric. He lies that there's no sign of the Son of White Oak stake and then tells Damon he wants to take a few days out of town, since he's still going into Evilaric fugues. Damon points out what a completely terrible idea this is, so Evilaric adopts gets all I have herbs and will be fine, KTHANXBYE, like that's not at all suspicious. Once Evilaric is off the phone, he and Esther-bekah talk about what dupes Damon and Klaus are, before talk turns to how Esther-bekah is going to shed Rebekah's body and return to Esther's. They open the lid on Esther's coffin. Esther-bekah gives Ric an Original White Oak Ash-dipped dagger. He inserts it into Esther-bekah's chest. Rebekah's body collapses. Esther's body revives. Poor Becky, not even her BODY ever gets to go to a dance and she worked so hard planning this one. Speaking of the dance, we cut to...

MFHS Gym. Caroline and Elena are helping the nameless student body set up for the 1920s Decade Dance. Caroline mocks and nixes some of Rebekah's chosen decorations. (And I'm with her here, because how would one even hang that chandelier in a gym?) The girls exposit about Ric for a moment and Caroline gives Matt and Jeremy a hard time about how they're hanging some decorations. Knowing what's coming later this episode, I'm having a really hard time caring about scenes like this right now. Sorry. Somewhere in there, Caroline teases Elena about making out with Damon, then she pimps Stefan as Elena's best date option for the dance. Elena thinks that's a bit awkward, as she was just macking on his brother the other day. Caroline says something that makes me sad, because it sounds like she's learning all her sexual morality from The Bachelor, which? YE GADS! I can deal with the fact that you're a bloodsucking fiend, Care Bear. But I don't think you want ANYONE hearing about The Bachelor and then thinking about you. There's evil and then there's diabolical. *Shudder* Anyhow, Caroline tells Elena: "Fair is fair" and "It's Stefan's turn." Wait, wasn't it Stefan's turn the first two seasons? She ignores me and continues on about how Stefan is Elena's "epic" love.

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