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Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
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Previously on The Vampire Diaries Stefan loved and lost Elena. Silas revealed his true face, which is exactly like Stefan's, and stuck Stefan in a safe and sank him to the bottom of the quarry. Travelers infiltrated Matt's mind. Bonnie died. Jeremy lied that she was with family. Qetsiyah Q Tessa fried Stefan's brain to fry Silas's brain and weaken his telepathic abilities. Stefan now has no memory of Elena and Damon, so I think that means he wins.

Now, we open on the road again. As Damon speeds down the highway, Stefan reads aloud from one of his old vampire diaries, but they're doing nothing to remind him of his own identity. Stefan takes a blood juice bag. Once he's drained it, he's ready to pitch it out the window, but Damon stops him from littering, saying he's not a caveman, but rather a man of principle. Damon's not driving fast enough for Stefan, so Stefan declares himself the fun brother and Damon the safe brother, so Damon crashes the car they've just stolen, to prove him wrong, which is such a Damon thing to do that I'm almost embarrassed to admit it. Title card.

Elena's in the Mossy Manse library, talking on the phone with Caroline who is still at Whitmore. Elena updates Caroline on Stefan's situation. Caroline makes sure to get in some digs about Damon, even though he's not within hearing range, just because she enjoys shitting on her friend's boyfriend. Then Caroline blabs a whole bunch of science at Elena; she's learned it all to both help Stefan, and in hopes of getting into Dr. Maxfield's bio class. She wants to find out why he covered up their roommate's murder via vampire. Apparently, she's been studying with Jesse, whom she's bringing home to Mystic Falls for what she calls, "...our hometown graveyard bell ringing ceremony."

The recaplet is full of my distaste for the show calling this holiday "Remembrance Day," so I'm not going to repeat my scolding. Elena notes this is a creepy first date, but Caroline thinks it's fine as a study date. They fret about Stefan a little more and then end the call -- thank goodness, because I'll never get back the minutes I wasted watching and then typing up that useless scene. The Exposition Fairy says, "I am on contract, you know." We cut to the...

Mystic Grill. After a bar patron rings the bell and raises a toast to Uncle Steve, whoever that is, Damon explains Mystic Falls "Remembrance Day" traditions. I just said I wasn't going to rant about it again, which means I'm not going to cover it in detail. Basically, they pound shots and ring bells to honor the fictional dead, while stealing the name of a solemn holiday that truly honors the sacrifice of valiant, real people. When a pretty waitress stops by their table, Stefan can't help but ogle her carotid. Damon quickly dispatches her for drinks. Stefan doesn't know what just came over him. Damon explains he's jonesing for something a little stronger than bagged blood. Okay, how is blood directly from the vic stronger? Warmer? Sure. Fresher? You betcha. Stronger? Pshaw.

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