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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries... Klaus compels Stefan to turn "it off." Damon tortures Mason "Uncle Brick House" Lockwood, and eventually rips out his heart. Mason apparates into Mossy Manse, kicks the snot out of Damon and declares, "This is going to be fun." Well sure, now that you're here, handsome. My word, pause your recording and just look at him for a moment, wouldja? Mmm Mason. Currently, on The Vampire Diaries...

A moaning and groaning Damon is chained to a throne-like chair. There's a fireplace poker sticking out of his chest. Damon's day-walker ring lies on the floor. Pretty, pretty, pretty Mason Lockwood stands near the heavy drapery, admiring his handiwork. "Hurts, doesn't it?" Damon neither hears nor sees him. Instead, he thinks Stefan is to blame. Although he insists he didn't do this to Damon, Stefan can't help but smirk at Damon's predicament. Still, he walks over, pulls out the poker, and frees Damon's hands. Stefan leaves the chains wrapped around his chest though, and walks away. Mason seems a little miffed that Damon can't sense his presence, so he draws open the drapes. Sunlight pours in. Damon starts to sizzle. Title card.

Mystic Falls Town Square, Day: Mayor Carol Lockwood introduces the event o' the week -- Illumination Night, started by the Founders 150 years ago. "Tonight, we turn off our town's lights and flare up our lanterns." The square is decorated with paper lanterns, which... really? Were they a hot commodity in 1860s Virginia? I'd imagine something a little more kerosene-y, but whatever. Carol introduces town historian, Tobias Fell. Alaric has no choice but to be there, because Fell is also head of the MFHS History Department. He has dragged Jeremy along and reminds him, "I'm the one who can fail you, if you don't help me out." Alaric's primary action in this scene is standing back with his arms folded across his chest, so you see just how much help he needs. Elena wanders up and asks what she missed. Anna apparates into the scene next to Jeremy and answers, "Just a bunch of historical lies." Just as Damon didn't detect Mason's presence at the Manse, Elena neither hears nor sees Anna. Jeremy hears Anna and smirks, before telling Elena she hasn't missed anything. As Fell goes on about the Falls' postbellum newfound prosperity, Anna snarks about how the Founders stole it all from the vampires. When Jeremy snickers, Elena asks him what's so funny. The Germ shrugs off his sister's question, but as Anna continues to heckle Fell, Jeremy takes her hand in his.

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