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Veni, Vidi, Vicki
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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: for over a century I have been telling you that for over a century Stefan has lived in secret until he took a flying leap off the roof at Mossy Manse (or at least it feels like it). He has to know Elena. Blah blah blah shadow-cakes. When Elena finds out Stefan's a vampire, she gives up smooching him (which is understandable -- I mean, take a moment to really ponder vamp breath) and interrogates him, instead. Stefan and Damon get on each others' nerves. They both get on Elena's nerves. She keeps her Vervain charm securely fastened around her neck, though. She'll keep Stefan's secret, but not his company. Caroline shows Bonnie the important amber crystal Damon recovered/stole at the Founders' Party. Bonnie's a witch. Mystic Falls used to be crawling with vampires and everyone knew it. Caroline's Sheriff-mom, Ryan "Scum" Fell, the Mayor and his wife are the Founders' Council of Watchers or F'n CoW, if you will. They discuss the recent rash of people who have died as a result of being mauled by "animals." Damon feeds off Vicki and is surprised by her will to live at "the Sizzler." Stefan tells Elena that Vicki is transitioning into a vampire. Vicki and Jeremy kiss, but when he arouses her baby vamp hunger, she pushes him away and flees Gilbert Gables. Elena lies to Jeremy that everything will be fine. Stefan promises Elena that he won't let Vicki hurt anyone.

Now: this episode aired on my 15th anniversary, so you all are getting the quick and dirty, and you're going to like it. Hey. If it was good enough for my husband... Anyhow, Tyler "'Roid Rage" Lockwood exits the gym and gets spooked about halfway across the parking lot, but eventually, he throws his gear in his trunk and slides into his vintage 2-door convertible (a Cutlass, maybe?) only to be surprised by Vicki. He tells her everyone thinks she's off on a bender and is looking for her. He asks her what she saw when the kids were killed at the cemetery. She's freezing, hungry, and teary. Ty tries to calm her down, but with her mouth so close to his neck, all she can do is repeat how famished she is. He tells her he'll get her something to eat, but our girl doesn't want take-out. She vamps out, bares her fangs, growls and lunges at him right across the front seat. Tyler escapes/falls out of the car -- head and back first onto the pavement. While he tries to scurry away, Vicki leaps onto him and straddling him, moves in for the kill. Just as she's about to sink her brand spanking new fangs into this delectable man meat, Stefan grabs her. Killjoy. C'mon, Stefan. Who's going to miss this idiot?

Tyler rises, turns to run, and is Stealth Salvatored by Damon, so he turns back to Stefan and asks what's going on. Damon tells Tyler: "You? Don't talk." Wordsmith that he is, Tyler replies, "Screw you, dude." Damon mocks him soundly for this, which would work great...if Damon hadn't gone there just a few episodes ago. Stefan can tell that Damon is getting testy and tries to calm him down. Damon scoffs. "Oh, come on. Who's going to miss this idiot?" See? Stefan can't answer, but to be fair, I'm sure there must be some fangirls and fanboys in the forums who'd miss the pretty. Besides, Damon, vampires don't like steroid-laced blood. Tyler, taking advantage of Damon's momentary distraction, hauls off, and sucker punches him in the face. His fist bounces off as though he'd struck granite, much the same as when he punched Stefan in "Friday Night Bites." Stefan is still holding back Vicki. With her fangs bared, she snarls, "Oh, don't you hurt him," and I think we're meant to believe she's telling Damon not to hurt Tyler, but it seems like she's telling Tyler not to hurt Damon -- which is just dumb, and Vicki knows it. Damon throttles Ty and lifts him off the ground by his neck. We close in on Damon's eyes. His pupils contract and then dilate again. "Forget what you saw here, tonight. None of us were here." I rewind, because I'm captivated (in a gross way) by that bulging vein running straight up Tyler's forehead. Dear Michael Trevino -- how did you do that? If there's no risk of stroke, I am in the market for a new way to keep my kids in line. Love -- Cindy. Er...back to the show. Damon throws Tyler down to the ground and as he struggles to get back up, it is clear he's alone. He holds his lower back as he looks around the nearly empty lot and we fade to black. Title Card!

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