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Witch, Please!
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[Note: I'm only covering the "previouslies" we don't see all the time, so that I don't go out of my mind.] Stefan turns to Elena with a sob in his voice. "[Damon] killed Zach. He killed Tanner. He turned Vicki. I have to kill him." Damon retrieves his "very important" crystal at the Founders' Party. Jasmine "Grams" Guy tells Bonnie the crystal belonged to one of the most powerful witches of their line. She grabs a book from a high shelf and shows Bonnie a picture of her great great-great-great grandmother, "Emily Bennett" dated 1864. She looks just like Kendra! Damon and Caroline meet up on the street and he hypnotizes her into getting the crystal back from Bonnie, but over at the Second-Sight Shack, Grams tells Bonnie not to give it to anyone.

Now: At school, Bonnie yawns as the teacher drones on about "shadow reckoning," which sounds more like magic than math, if you ask me. Bonnie bows her head on her folded arms for a moment, as if she were going to take some kindergarten-style "quiet time." When she raises her head again, she looks around the room. Something catches her eye. Make that someone. Bianca Lawson's Emily Bennett is strolling down the halls of MFHS. Bonnie can't resist. She rises from her seat and exits class. The teacher is as non-attentive as the parents in this town and doesn't say a word when Bonnie wanders out into the hall. Without a pass?! Oh, this must be a dream. Emily waits around a corner for Bonnie and then walks outside. When Bonnie follows her, she immediately ends up in the forest. Yep. Dream. At least it's light out, this time. She follows Emily to ruins that I'll just mention now are the ruins of the old Fell's Church (and book fans will appreciate that, because that's the name of the town in the L.J. Smith series). Emily turns to Bonnie and says, "Please help me." When Bonnie asks who she is, Emily replies, "I'm Emily.... You know that." Sheeesh, Bonnie, I don't even know why I bother with links in the ""previouslies." She tells Bonnie that they're family and then looks up at the church ruins. "This is where it started. And this is where it has to end." Bonnie says, "No, this isn't real," and turns to run, but she's Stealth-Salvatored by her own great-great-great-Grams. Twice. Emily's voice turns grim. "Help. Me."

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