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Mamma Mia, here we go again. My show -- how can I resist you? So much happens during "Isobel" that it's hard to believe it's a single episode. It takes some shows years to cover this much ground. Oh yeah, Lost, I guess I am looking at you, but really, I meant to give the stinkyeye to How I Met Your Mother. There's so much to cover that I'm skipping the Previouslies. That's what the recaps and recaplets are for, right? Okay, let's go.

Mystic Grill; Interior; Night: We pick up where we left off last week. Alaric, who has just sworn off the search for Isobel, is signing his oath in Scotch, when a woman joins him at the bar. "Hello, Ric." It's his not so dead after all wife, Isobel Flemming Saltzman (Mia Kirshner). After all this time does she fall into his arms or throw herself at his feet and beg his forgiveness? Does she ask to speak to him outside? Does she make a tearful apology? No. She makes banal small talk. You look good. You're a teacher. Pass the Visine and Velamints. Do I look as baked as I sound? 'Cause duuuuuude...

Alaric shakes his head, because what else can you do when you run into your wayward and possibly wasted wife -- right after deciding you'd rather not find her after all, thanks. When he finally speaks, his voice is low and gruff. "Where have you been, Isobel?" Something feels off with Mia Kirshner's response here (aside from her stoned take on Isobel), making me wonder if there was an edit. "I don't have any reasons that are gonna comfort you. I don't have any... explanations that are going to satisfy you." She swivels on her barstool to face him. "I wanted this." Alaric can't believe it's that simple but Isobel says it is. "You were supposed to mourn me and move on." Oh excuse him for not intuiting his role in your little pothead psychodrama, Izzy. Alaric: "You were my wife and I loved you. How could I not search for you?" Is it just me, or did the usually smooth Davis blow that line? Whatever. Isobel smiles and shakes her head. "Because I wasn't lost, Ric." Smoke another one, Iz. High people have short attention spans, so she jumps right to the subject of Elena, scribbles a note, and hands it to Alaric while telling him to arrange a meeting between her and her daughter. Alaric skims the note then lets it fall to the bar. "You want me to...deliver a message? Screw you, you selfish bitch." Hooray! He fails to stuff some Vervain down her throat, but he does walk out, so we'll call it a win.

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