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Previously on The Vampire Diaries...HEY! The Previouslies changed. Hurrah. No more "for over a century." No more "I have to know her." No more, "She's a dead ringer for Katherine." Are you giddy, babies? I'm a little giddy.

Now: Oh darn it, Show. I hate when you open with a flashback, when I want to start with a Now. Fine. Be that way....

Bulgaria, 1490: Katherine Pierce, is still human. She's still Katerina Petrova -- an unwed mother who is giving birth in her family home. When her daughter is born, Katerina begs to hold her, but her stern father comes in the room, grabs the baby from Mama Petrova, berates Katerina for disgracing the family, and whisks the child away. Mama Petrova holds Katerina as she sobs and pleads to see her baby. Nina Dobrev (who started life as Nina Dobreva, in Sofia, Bulgaria) gives great Bulgarian, and this is too tragic to make light of. Next paragraph...

Mossy Manse: Elena has been summoned by Stefan. He, Damon and Rose give Elena the lowdown on the original Original: Klaus, who makes Elijah look like the Easter Bunny, so Satan Klaus it is! Satan Klaus is the oldest known vampire in the history of time, so you can imagine how thrilled Elena is that he's coming after her. Damon and Stefan try to soft-pedal the news, but Rose refuses to play along. Satan Klaus is one BAMF, and our girl best beware. Elena tries to shake it off, and announces she's going to school. Stefan says he'll go with her, but things are still tense between them. She'll go on her own, thanks. Ouch. After Elena is gone, Damon cracks to Rose that Elena is in denial. Stefan snaps at him. "Shut up, Damon." Heh.

Mystic Falls High School; Exterior: Bonnie drops her books getting out of the car, and it's Jeremy to the rescue. Oh man, they're cute together. Jeremy invites Bonnie to play pool at the Grill after school. She's a little taken aback by it, but then she gets a good look at him and accepts. Hooray. Seconds later, a new African-American male student bursts on the scene, introduces himself, "My name is Luka." No one asks him if he lives on the second floor, which is a missed opportunity if you ask me. When Luka needs directions to the office, Jeremy gives them to him, while Bonnie gives him her prettiest smile. Bonnie! Now cut that out. You've got some flirting (smooching) to do with the Germ.

Forest: Elena is ditching school. She's headed to ye olde tomb to talk to Katherine! Caroline accompanies her, so she can pull open the heavy door. Too bad she didn't use some of that vampire strength to tote the heavy bag Elena's struggling to carry. Care Bear doesn't want to lie to Stefan about what Elena is doing, or distract him for Elena, but Elena plays the friend card, and the you-kept-me-busy-for-Katherine card, so Caroline promises to cover for her. She reminds Elena that Katherine is hardly a bulwark of truth, so Elena might not get much out of her, but Elena says she needs to do this.

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