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It's the Council, Not the Law
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Previously: Elena wigged out (har har) when her wavy-locked doppelpire Katherine showed up. After Katherine skulked around town, screwing with Damon's head, turning Caroline into a vampiress, and professing her undead love to Stefan, she and Elena finally came face to face. To fend off Katherine's hell-bent advance (including threats to kill Elena's entire family), Stefan and Elena hatched a plan to make it seem like they had fallen out of love. Also, shirtless werewolves!

We open in Emerald Coast, Florida, one year ago. Mason Lockwood calls it a night at whatever year-round Spring Break bar he's frequenting that night. He leaves, followed closely behind by a guy who's up to no good and emboldened by a hasty shot. Out in the parking lot, the guy, whose name we learn is Jimmy, shoves Mason and accuses him of running around with his girlfriend Marla. Mason claims innocence, but Jimmy won't be dissuaded. Bar fight ensues. Well, technically parking lot fight. Jimmy gets several good blows in, but he's a goner when Mason picks him up and chucks him on the ground with a crunch. Farewell, Jimmy. You seemed like trash, and we hardly knew ye! Cut back to the present, Lockwood Mansion: Mason tells Tyler that, even though Jimmy's death was out of self-defense, it still triggered the curse. Flash to Florida, where Mason's eyes turn extra-wolfy. Now, every full moon, Mason must sedate and restrain himself, or he'll kill everything in his path. He warns Tyler to be careful because any death -- be it accidental or calculated -- will literally change his life. "You don't want it, Tyler," he says, "trust me." Title card.

Now that Mason has answered Tyler's questions, he wants Tyler to honor his end of the bargain and give him the moonstone. Tyler hems and haws, saying he thinks that it's in a safe under the floorboards. Of course, it was there. Until he removed it. Tyler pushes Mason to tell him why he needs the moonstone. Mason lies that it's just sentimental value.

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy tells Elena he can't believe that Tyler's a werewolf. Elena says they only know for sure that Mason is a werewolf. Jeremy says it shouldn't be easy for "us" to figure out, and Elena reminds him that he is not invited into her Super-Special Supernatural Club with the Salvatore brothers. She warns him to stay out of all this mess for his own safety. He mopes away, and she walks over to her closet to fetch something. The minute she opens the door, you know someone is going to be there when she closes it. Happily, it's Stefan. She closes the bedroom door so they can keep up their ruse of being dunzo, then plants a kiss on him that she's been waiting for all morning. He asks if she's ready to face the day. She's not. She doesn't want to fight with him, even if it's fake, and hates that Caroline is acting as Katherine's minion. He reminds her that it's fight or die, given Katherine's threats on the Gilberts. She begs for assurance that they won't let anything they say in the fights creep into what they know about each other, so he devises a code: When he tells her he "can't do this anymore," he's really saying, "I love you." When she says, "Fine, whatever," she actually means, "I love you, too." They seal it with a kiss.

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