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Know Thine Enemy
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Welcome back, everyone! That long hiatus was of the suck, yes? I was ready to be all, "Yeah, the show is back, whatever..." but then it came roaring back with a vengeance leaving me but putty in its hands. If it had hands, which is doesn't, on account of being a show. I mean the characters aren't handless, but...oh who even knows where I was going with that.

Show, you've knocked my socks off yet again. I know, I know. You're looking at that B+ grade up there and wondering why it's not an A. I'll get to that, I promise, but a B+ on this show is not a B+ in sixth grade remedial reading; it's a B+ in a high school honors class. My expectations are high; my curriculum is demanding. I know how I've jumped from hands to socks to grades, so I'll continue in this non-sequitur-ial manner, and take a moment to note that I mentioned in the recaplet, my first foggy thoughts about the action-packed "Know Thy Enemy" ended up being along the lines of: "I'm really not sure what just happened there, but I do know I don't like the wording of that title. Shouldn't it be thine instead of thy? Isn't this like the an versus a choice?"

Now that I've watched the episode about a half dozen times since, I'm no longer foggy, but that still bothers me, so there. You know what else is bothering me? Well, real life family stuff, but really, you don't want to know. Believe me. What's bothering me that is of concern to you -- is writing this weecap. I've struggled with my approach to this episode, so I've asked some very special people to help me with the weecap. And the three of you who have read my No Ordinary Family weecaps now know what to expect next. I hope you enjoy it, or at least tolerate it. I'm pretty sure things will be back to normal next week. You ready?

Readers: Oh just get on with it already.

Jenna: Sniff. Yep, I just need to find the tissues.

Elena: I've got them, Jenna. Here. I'm so, so sorry. If you'll just let me explain.

Isobel: Damn. Where's my lighter? My joint went out.

Recapper: Ladies, can we get on with it please?

Evening, at Gilbert Gables...

Isobel: [Tokes] Sure. Whatever. Knock knock.

Jenna: Um hi?

Elena: Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.

Isobel: [Exhales] Elena, my bio-daughter. so good to see you. Again. And Jenna, the woman who is dating my HUSBAND, did you notice how pointedly I said again to Elena, who -- clearly -- already knew I was less than dead and didn't bother to tell you, even when you were boinking my husband in the next room?

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