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After my ranty "My Brother's Keeper" recaplet was published, I received a tweet reading: "@CindyMcLennan ur ovrrctng 2 TVD E/D srbnd has 2 b bs-2 mch hstry. C is prjctng (feelngs 4 K)--S? crzy agn Solid ep-Nice plot dev-No mopes!" How can I argue with that? Let's ignore the part in the recaplet where I acknowledge Elena's feelings for Damon predate any of the sire bond nonsense, consider me told, and move on with the recap. Are you with me? Excellent.

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan jumped off a roof, I think because he was born in Mystic Falls, and really, that's a reasonable response. Other stuff happened too, but I don't really care about it, right now.

Currently, on The Vampire Diaries, once again, Stefan seems to have survived jumping off the roof. Aw, I shouldn't let my reaction to this episode spoil my fondness for the Stefan character, so let's forget I said that. Anyhow, Stef is in the woods, doing pushups (not a euphemism). He's got his cell phone with him and set on speaker, so Caroline can nag him while he continues working out. He just has to come to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant! He's a Founding Family member. Plus, Caroline says so.

Stefan is not up to it. He'd rather tear into someone's artery. Caroline calls herself his "sober sponsor" and insists he sublimate his feelings, which of course he will. Then Stefan confesses that Elena has feelings for Damon. I don't really like using "feelings" twice like that so close together... and now I've used it a third time. Does it seem like I'm having trouble getting into this recap? You betcha.

Caroline reacts to the Elena news just about how you'd imagine she would, but I don't want to get ranty (again) this early, and truthfully, since Damon used Caroline as his personal chew toy, Caroline's reaction rings perfectly true. The call ends with Caroline reminding Stefan that there's a difference between sublimating and insanity. Yeah, okay. Whatever. I'm still having trouble willing up the ability to care. Let's move on.

Klaus jumps Stefan, gets him in a headlock, and gives him hell for telling everyone about the elusive Vampire Cure. Stefan points out that no one who knows about the cure will endanger them, and that he wants to find it more than anything else, because he completely hates that Elena is already better at being a vampire than he'll ever be. That might be a paraphrase. Klaus orders Stefan to find some more vampires for Jeremy to kill, so his map will grow, but to do so on the QT.

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