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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again
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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Elena cried. In their basement is where the boys have her tied. Silas blathers about the other side. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Currently, on The Vampire Diaries, as Elena heads toward school, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt meet up with her. It's all well and good until Elena realizes, "Wait. Something's not right. I don't want to be here." Oh, I remember Acute Senioritis. Damon appears and reminds Elena she should think hanging with her friends at the end of senior year is the bee's knees. Given his age, I'm guess I'm not surprised he didn't use that phrase because he's too old for it. Elena realizes she's not in control of her own head. The last thing she remembers is that after the prom, Damon and Stefan locked her up and starved her because they know how to romance a girl. When Elena tells Damon this mind manipulation isn't going to work, he is confident there are other ways in which to provoke an emotional response. I sorta wish I'd headlined this episode as, "I Get So Emotional, Baby," but age before beauty and Barry before Whitney. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Stefan confers with Damon about their prisoner girlfriend. Damon never admits defeat, but when he checks on Elena (who has been locked in a basement safe, which is a downgrade from dungeon cell) it's clear she has yet to spank her inner moppet or turn on her humanity switch, but needs to, stat. Through the safe door, he warns that they can do this the nice way or the "other" way. Title card.

Caroline arrives at Mossy Manse and demands to see Elena, regardless of what her one true mood is. Stefan tries to talk down Caroline, but our girl will have none of that. He insists he and Damon have to invoke fear or other negative emotions to get Elena to flip her humanity switch. Caroline begs for the opportunity to try something different. Our Ripper is reluctant, but eventually agrees. I hate the premise of this episode so very much, I don't want to watch it again, never mind talk about it. Don't get me wrong, it's an effective episode -- one of this season's better -- it just makes me sick.

Anyhow, Caroline presents Elena with a vial of blood which she swears is vervain-free. As Elena chugs it down, Caroline makes our point that the Salvatores are being abusive. She wants Elena to reclaim her humanity but thinks there are better approaches than causing her to suffer. She says won't give up on Elena, even though Elena hits below the belt, calls her clingy and reminds Care Bear that two of her suitors have skipped town. Tyler said he's running for his life, but maybe he's running from Care. Similarly, while Klaus is off to a new show, maybe he's just had it with Caroline's teasing. Is anyone else vomiting at the sexual politics of this episode, yet? Elena insists she's not judging Caroline and offers that it might be nice to have a bad boy ruffle Care's perfect feathers. Yeah, that's it. Get me a bucket. Leave it right by my desk. Ta. When Caroline rises to leave, Elena brings it home, vamps out and tries to attack Caroline. Caroline tries to talk sense to her forever friend, but Elena mocks her and says she's pathetic. Eventually, Caroline has had enough. When she rises to leave, Elena rushes her, so Caroline snaps Elena's neck. Seeing Stefan at the doorway, Caroline tells him to do whatever it takes. With that she walks upstairs. So much for not giving up.

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