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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
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Gilbert Getaway: As Elena reads through ye olde Johnathan (sic) Gilbert's journal, we flash back to 1864. Johnathan is with Thomas and Honoria when there's a noise outside. Thomas is looking for vampires, but Johnathan assures him they destroyed them all. He takes out his ACTUAL VAMPIRE COMPASS to prove his point and it starts spinning crazy. Thomas disappears. Honoria comes out and the mystery vamp who is no mystery drains her and then turns on Johnathan. His journal reads, "The vampire who killed me was Stefan Salvatore," which is pretty confusing if you happened to miss that Johnathan was wearing a protecto ring.

Back in the present, things must still be tense between our lovebirds, because Stefan is outside by the lake, alone, when Damon calls with some news: Tyler Lockwood has run away from home. They talk about killing Elijah. When Stefan cautions Damon to be careful, Damon says, "I'm gonna dot all my Ts." Heh.

Mystic Falls; Exterior: Jenna is taking Elijah on a tour of old property lines, and he mocks Mystic Falls founding families, pointing out that his research shows that the area was settled two centuries earlier by people from Salem, Massachusetts. Jenna makes sure to drive home the point that Salem was the site of the infamous witch trials, so what do you think -- are the Bennetts the true founding family? Will Bonnie's distant cousin, Lucy, come back and help her...wait. Don't want to spoil you. I'll stick a pin in this thought. Anyhow, a clearly jealous Alaric meets up with Jenna and Elijah, who is all suave and sneer-y and mmmmm.

The Grill: Bonnie and Jeremy are at the grill. He's looking for more smoochies, but Bonnie's thinking about her spells, so he invites her over to "practice." She accepts and it's all very coy and cute. Oh crap, here comes Junior Manwitch. He wants to know what happened to him the night before. Why he can't remember anything. "One minute I'm playing pool and the next I'm waking up in a bathroom stall." When Luka accuses Bonnie of lying, Jeremy rises and tells him to back off, and it's pretty hot, if stupid, I mean Germ, he could turn you into a toad!

Gilbert Getaway: Elena and Stefan are still arguing about her sacrificing herself. Stefan soon changes the subject to Johnathan's journals, and how they contain so many stories she never told him. Stefan says he was a monster back then. He wants her to know the truth, but he wants her to hear it from him. We flashback to....

1864: Stefan's partying with a few lovely young ladies. He's covered in blood and each of them wants to be the one to die next. And incredibly fey and uptight Damon arrives home and is shocked, shocked that there's gambling in Casablanca! He decides to leave town. Stefan promises he'll do better as he begs Damon to stay, but Damon says Stefan will only end up getting them killed. Back in the present, Elena says he sounds like he was Damon back then. Stefan scoffs. "I was worse."

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