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Well gang, since The Vampire Diaries moves at such a breakneck pace, but is going on hiatus until April 7th, this seems like a good place to stop, take a deep breath and figure out what the heck has happened so far this season.

We open with Stefan and Elena in his room at Mossy Manse. Elena hangs a lantern on the fact that they hardly ever go to school. You know, Elena, if you ever doubt Stefan's love for you, remind yourself that he's a hundred and mumble years old, and yet he willingly enrolled himself in high school, just to get to know you, and then once he got you, he kept going to school (mostly) just to be with you. There's not a person in the world for whom I would do that. I mean, I'd do it to save a life, but just to hang? No way. Getting ready for school turns into making out on Stefan's bed, which seems like a better plan to me. These two are so adorable together.

After the cut, Elena wanders downstairs and finds Damon with his morning paper and coffee. But wait, is that Elena? Damon doesn't think so. He Stealth Salvatores over to her, pushes her up against the wall with The Vampire Diaries stock-throttle and accuses her of being Katherine. Stefan stumbles upon the scene, as "Elena" is asking Damon why he thinks she's Katherine, since Katherine is still compelled to be in ye olde tomb. He Stealth Salvatores up the stairs, into his room and finds Elena, assumes she's Katherine, throttles her, pushes her against the wall. When Elena cries that he's hurting her, Stefan screams, "Stop it, Katherine." Katherine slithers up to his doorway and says, "Stop what?" Oopsy doopsy. As Stefan releases his hold on the real Elena's neck, Katherine smirks at her. "It's getting really easy being you."

After the title card, Elena has a come to Jesus meeting with Katherine and the boys. Once Elena is all caught up on how Elijah's compulsion of Katherine died with him, Elena gets stompy footed. She wants Katherine out of there. Katherine states her case: they're going to need her if they want a chance at defeating Klaus. What is her angle, here? I mean, of course she wants Klaus dead, but as Katherine has shown us time and again, she only cares about number one. How is hanging in Mystic Falls, with the doppelganger to her benefit at all? I guess she can try to throw Elena at Klaus when the time is right, but I still think there's more to it.

Mystic Falls High School: The exposition fairy brings Caroline and Matt together in the hallway so catch everyone up on the fact that Tyler is still gone and no one knows where. Then Matt steers the discussion to their relationship. He's made his feelings clear. The ball is in her court. Oh Caroline, look at that pretty blue eyed Pudding Pop and smooch his face off! I miss Tyler, but am glad that his departure is giving Matt some time to shine, because...he's shiny!

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