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Here's To Duplicity
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So, Klaus is possessing Alaric, but I'm not calling him Kalaric or Klaric or anything like that because I'm not feeling at all cute or cheeky. Klaus has kidnapped Katherine, and he compels her to tell him what she knows about the Fellowship of the Falls' plan to kill him. Katherine hasn't been all that in-the-loopy, but she does spill what she knows about Bonnie.

While Elena is inside Mossy Manse signing the deed in the presence of an attorney, I guess, Damon and Stefan take a moment to speculate about Katherine's fate. Stefan figures Klaus has already killed her. Damon winces at the thought, even as he allows that Ms. Thing has it coming. But never fear, you Evil Pixie Monster; Katherine lives. She lives under Klaus's compulsion, and currently is stabbing herself in the leg over and over, because Klaus said to, that's why. Katherine is ready for death, but Klaus points out that since he spent 500 years tracking her down, he intends to make her suffer for at least half that. Yikes. Matt Davis gives good Klaus, by the way. Alaric isn't in there at all.

After a predictable, "Oh, I forgot to invite you boys in," scene, in which Elena immediately invites Stefan, and only invites Damon if he promises to do things her way with no lies and no secret agendas, Elena and Bonnie leave Mossy Manse for school despite Damon and Stefan's protests that safe houses are only safe when you're in them. Elena figures she's got her own weapon of Klaus destruction with her in Bonnie, so she's safe wherever she goes. I roll my eyes, as does Stefan, who dutifully tags along to school, after exchanging a little eye-thing-ing with Damon.

At Fortress Forbes, Matt meets secretly with Sheriff Liz Forbes. They talk about the Salvatores being vampires, the Gilberts being in on it, and Tyler being a werewolf. Liz asks Matt to play along like a good, naive boyfriend would, to buy some time, 'til she can figure out how to handle the local fang gang. At school, Klaus shows up to teach Alaric's classes. First up is Elena's history class. The high school is getting ready for the Mystic Falls Event o' the Week: a 1960s Decade Dance, so Alaric has the '60s on the schedule. Klaus thinks the '60s were a waste, except for the Beatles. Elena gets a little overly friendly with him, calling him Ric before she remembers herself. Meanwhile, Caroline is preparing for the big dance. Hey, it takes a lot more than death, resurrection and transition to slay our Vampire Barbie's school spirit.

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