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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, the Gilbert protect-o ring made Alaric a psycho killer. Sage loves Finn. Esther used Elena's doppelicious blood to link the Original spawn, so if one dies, they all die. Rebekah discovers Son of White Oak. Damon researches Son of White Oak's fate. It was used to build Wickery Bridge and its sign. The Brothers Salvatore salivate over killing the Originals.

Currently, on The Vampire Diaries, Elena brings Alaric coffee and muffins. Damon reports that Alaric slept through the night without having any psycho killer spells, but he won't let Elena in the loft. For a moment, I decide this is because he's noticed Ric and Elena's great chemistry. When Elena objects to being shut out, Damon whispers sweet nothings about how she's paranoid and a control freak. How can she resist him when he pitches such sweet woo? After he shuts the door in her face, he narrates that she's, "...walking down the stairs, opening front door, and she's gone." On cue, Alaric starts cutting up the Wickery Bridge sign, with his huge circular saw (not a euphemism, because what would that even mean). Title Card.

The guys are whittling pieces of Son of White Oak into stakes. Stefan criticizes Damon's whittling technique. Since these "boys" came of age in Civil War Virginia, I'm pretty sure that's a deeply offensive assault on Damon's manhood. Damon's wearing two ginormous rings this week, so I guess the second one is Alaric's. Does it not seem like a supremely bad idea for a vampire who wears a Daywalker ring to also be wearing a ring meant to resurrect humans from (any convoluted manner of) death caused by a supernatural being? I'm just sayin'. Alaric interrupts the brotherly bickering to announce he's going to call the sheriff. He wants to turn himself in.

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