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We open on Bonnie walking to the Abandoned Mansion of 100 Dead Witches. Yeah, that's not a clever name. I'm not feeling too clever these days. Inside, she hears the witches whispering. She makes her way to the basement, where she finds four caskets. Approaching the one that's set off on its own, she opens it to reveal Klaus is inside. Draped over one of his hands is Elena's necklace, the very same necklace that once belonged to Klaus's mommy-who-he-killed, aka the Original Witch, who we all know is really a creature far more frightening -- because she's truly Eloise Hawking. As Bonnie reaches for the necklace, she is startled by someone behind her. As she turns, she wakes up, ending one of the more obvious dream sequences I can remember on this show. Thank you, Bonnie. Title Card.

Mystic Falls, Exterior, Day: Elena is jogging along. She stops to catch her breath and looks likes she's going to reverse course, but a hooded man is running toward her, so she heads off in the same way she was going, and takes a few fast turns. Thinking she's lost him, she stops again to catch her breath. So of course he pops up out of nowhere and bumps into her. He then apologizes for bumping into her, and goes on his way. Elena tells him not to worry about it. She looks like she'll do all the worrying.

Grill: Elena and Bonnie have a little friendship time. I like when the girls on this show hang together and act like the friends the show is always telling us they are. Elena confesses she's paranoid all the time now. Bonnie says that makes sense, since she tried to kill Klaus, he ought to be trying to kill her back any second now. Bonnie then tells Elena about her recurring nightmare about Klaus and the four coffins. Elena suggests it could be a prophetic dream, but Bonnie writes it off as stress and asks if there's been any news of Stefan. Elena shakes her head. "He betrayed us, Bonnie. The Stefan that we know is gone." Bonnie asks how Damon's handling it. Elena: "Damon is...Damon."

Damon is being Damon over at the bar, where he's got several bottles of booze and mixers. He invites Alaric to join him in his "brunch in a bottle" saying, "I can't drink all this by myself. I mean I can, but...someone's getting naked." He eye-things at the pretty blonde bartender, but I think that's only because Alaric won't flirt back with him. Alaric is waiting to see Jeremy, who is an hour late for work and who just failed his history mid-term paper, by copying it straight off the Internet without even trying to disguise his plagiarism. The bartender overhears the guys talking and informs them Jeremy got fired, a week ago. Oh, Germ.

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