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"The Rose" is a very emotional episode, and not just because it's earwormed me with that Bette Midler song that's probably way older than you. The only time it leaves my head is when Linda Ronstadt's "Blue Bayou" creeps in, which has nothing at all to do with The Vampire Diaries. Let's blame the newly forged and reestablished connections in this week's show for that embarrassing admission and move on, because while "The Rose" is as action-packed as ever, it's also rather moving, and exposition and mythology heavy, and yet this is just a weecap, so I've got a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time. You ready? Okay.

Last week, we closed on Damon sealing Katherine in ye olde tomb, and some Scary Masquerade-Mask Clown Looking Guy (SMMCLG) nabbing Elena from the Lockwood Estate. Now it's morning in America, and SMMCLG looks much less scary and far more grubby without his mask. He delivers Elena to some guy -- let's call him Trevor. Trevor, who is wearing sunglasses, is all hunched down behind the tinted windows in SUV, hat pulled down over his face, so clearly he's vampire -- a vampire who lacks a protecto-ring. I'd call him a n00b, but I've already watched the episode. Once SMMCLG deposits Elena's unconscious form in the back of Trevor's SUV, Trevor decides he's feeling a bit peckish and treats SMMCLG like his own breakfast smoothie. Goodbye SMMCLG. I hope you get a shave and a haircut (two bits...) in the next life, Brother. Sheesh, Trevor. Ever heard of a napkin?

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy pretties himself up, which is redundant, and then checks on Elena. She's not in her room and her bed hasn't been slept in. Jeremy looks a bit judge-y there, which is the height of irony, no?

Fortress Forbes: Since Liz is leading the search party for Aimee Bradley, Caroline catches Damon up on Tyler turning into a werewolf. She admits how she covered up Ty's involvement in Sarah's death and dances around the fact that she kind of let Tyler know she's not exactly what she appears to be, either. Damon gets more forceful than I'd like as he impresses upon Caroline the fact that the werewolf is their enemy, so she needs to avoid Tyler like she would a rabid dog. When Caroline reminds Damon she has to get to school, it reminds me how young she (and Elena, Bonnie, Germ, Tyler and Matt) are. I'm pretty sure if I'd been vamped in high school, I would have dropped out. But all you baby vamps out there, stay in school now, ya hear.

MFHS: Tyler spots the posters announcing that Aimee Bradley is missing. I think I see guilt wash across his face, but then I remember he doesn't know about Aimee. He does know about Sarah though, on account of killing her and all, so it's not long before he stumbles across her locker memorial. No, really. A locker memorial. Do they do that at schools, now? There are all kinds of stuffed animals, flowers and posters in front of Sarah's locker and some poor girl is holding her own private-public vigil on the floor. Where's All-Trades-Tanner when you need him? He never would have put up with this. I mean there are lit candles and everything. This is so in violation of the fire code!

Someone bumps into Ty and he gets all angry, like he does, but takes a breath, makes his way to his locker, and promptly rips off the combination lock when he tries to open it. Oh Ty, perhaps you should take up drinking before school. Meanwhile, down the hall, Jeremy approaches Stefan and tells him that if he and Elena expect him to cover for them when they have an impromptu sleepover, a heads up will be nice. Stefan's all huh what -- she totally dumped me, dude and then the boys realize Elena is missing. I'd feel for them, except I can't believe Jeremy didn't insist on taking her home in the first place, and Stefan didn't stalk-walk her to her car, given the rough shape she was in last night (week), regardless of Bonnie's pain-mediation spell.

Some Southern Mansion: Trevor brings Elena back to his hideaway. Much like vampires themselves, it's beautiful on the outside and disgusting on the inside. When Trevor throws our girl down on the sofa, she wakes. He wants to take a little sip of her bleeding wound, but is stopped by his cohort Rose (Lauren Cohan, last seen as Bela on Supernatural, and no, you guys, I do not want to hear about it). Elena endures another round of OMG YOU LOOK JUST LIKE KATHERINE, and still doesn't flip her lid. One day, writers, please? Elena wants to know who Rose and Trevor are and what they want with her, but all she gets in reply is a nasty bitch slap from Rose. Poor E, at least she landed on the couch. Commercial.

MFHS Parking Lot: Stefan meets with Damon and tells him about Elena's disappearance. Stefan assumes Katherine is behind it, and that Damon must have double-crossed them and not locked Katherine in the tomb. So wait. You knew he didn't kill her? Are you crazy too, Stefan? I've seen you kill other vamps for far less. I kind of understood why Damon didn't kill Kat, but I didn't realize he had your knowledge and consent. Yeeesh. No wonder Elena still doesn't feel safe. You boys suck more than blood, I tell you what. Once Damon tells little bro that Katherine mentioned someone would be coming after Elena, Stefan decides he must go to the tomb and ask Katherine for information. In a sharp reversal of roles, he's the ridiculously impetuous one this week, and Damon assumes the voice of reason. Right now, with Elena missing, Stefan is reason-deaf. Oh, dear.

MFHS Corridor: Ty finds Caroline. She tries to keep the conversation light and act like she doesn't know Tyler is a werewolf. When Tyler asks her directly how she knows about him, she plays dumb as best she can and makes a speedy exit to avoid more questions.

Southern Mansion: Trevor and Rose are arguing about some guy named Elijah and whether or not he's gotten their message that they have Elena. When Rose catches Elena listening in, she warns her that there's no escape and that she won't be getting any answers.

MFHS: Bonnie, Jeremy and Stefan use Alaric's empty classroom to do a locating spell and find Elena. Now remember, Elena is her own grandpa, so even though Jeremy isn't her biological brother, he is her biological cousin. That is, Elena's father-Grayson is brother to Elena's-father Uncle "Snark Daddy" John, who is brother to her brother-cousin's Jeremy's father-Grayson. Glad I could clear that up. Jeremy must love his sister, because he has no second thoughts about letting Bonnie slice open the palm of his hand and drizzle his blood on her map, right in front of Stefan, who is not unaffected by the sight of it.

Bonnie chants quietly until the blood blazes a trail on the map, south from Mystic Falls past Lynchburg and Roanoke, and over the border into North Carolina, north of Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Jeremy notes that's 300 miles from Mystic Falls, so now we finally have some confirmation of where Mystic Falls is, or would be, if it existed, which it doesn't. Ahem. Stefan needs a more exact location, but Bonnie can't do any more for him. Jeremy will look up some aerial views on the net and see what's in that general area. He plans on going with Stefan, but Stefan knows Elena's top priority is keeping her loved ones safe, so the boys set to bickering, which is handy, because it gives Bonnie the chance to ride out her post-spell nosebleed without any curiosity seekers. Speaking of, here comes Damon. That school needs better security. Bonnie's back is to the door, so she hastily wipes her nose while Damon tells Stefan he'll go with him, and Jeremy can remain safe and sound back in Mystic Falls with the vampires and werewolves we already know about. Commercial.

After school, Tyler is shooting hoops with the boys (no Matt this week, sorry Pudding Pop fans), but once he sees Caroline he takes off after her and accuses her of lying. When she won't come clean with the truth, he grabs her. She throws him off and to the ground, which sort of confirms his lying accusation, but Caroline erects a brick wall between herself and Puppy. (Yes, that's Tyler's new nickname, because 'Roid Rage just doesn't cut it these days.) He has a little tantrum and kicks a fully loaded metal trashcan into a car, causes a scene and... SCENE!

Road Trip: About 220 miles into the trip, Stefan shows Damon the weapons he got from Alaric. This week's Chekhov's gun is a vervain-filled grenade of sorts. Nifty! Stefan wants some road trip brotherly bonding, and thanks Damon for helping. When Damon tries to shut it down, Stefan gets right to the heart of the matter. "Are you in this car because you want to help your little brother save the girl that he loves, or is it -- is it because you love her, too?" Oh honey, it's both. Damon refuses to play, pointing out that he can step out of helping as quickly as he stepped into it. Lying pretty little Evil Pixie Monster -- you so cannot. Stefan agrees with me, and tells Damon so.

Gilbert Gables; Jeremy's Bedroom: Bonnie and Jeremy hang out on his bed to make it perfectly clear we're going to go somewhere with these two, eventually, and I'm all for that. They both need outside lives with insiders who understand. Once Bonnie starts feeling too comfortable with the Germ, she snaps out of it and realizes she can do another spell that might help Elena. Grimoire at the ready, she dispatches her manservant to get a candle and Elena's hairbrush. While he's gone, Bonnie writes a note to Elena, telling her that Stefan and Damon are riding to the rescue. She then balls some of Elena's hair in the note, holds the crumpled note in her hand and

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