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Rite, Rite, You're Bloody Well Rite
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How was this not just the season finale? I mean, I know "The Sun Also Rises" is episode 21 of a 22 episode second season, but I know season finales and that, my friends, was a season finale. Four characters die and we're left with three cliffhangers. Season finale, yes? Yes. Don't sass me, now.

So we open on Matt and Caroline trying to hide from a now wolfy-Tyler, down in the dungeon at the old Lockwood ruins. Pudding Pop has to shoot Pudding Pup to keep him from attacking. A wounded wolfy is a subdued wolfy, so Caroline grabs Matt's hand and Stealth-Salvatores him right out of there. We cut to...

Alaric's Apartment: Katherine and Damon examine his werewolf bite. I wonder if it matters that Tyler wasn't fully wolfed-out when he bit Damon? Maybe a transitioning wolf's bite is like a werewolf bite vaccination for vampires. I'm fanwanking, aren't I? Damn. Well, leave me to my denial, wouldja? When Damon makes to leave, Katherine is nice to him for the first time in 145 years. She wants him to say goodbye. She doesn't want him to leave mad and then die. Damon's having none of it and none of her. Katherine delivered Jenna to Klaus, even though she owed Damon her loyalty for slipping her Vervain. Damon wants to offer himself up to Klaus in Jenna's place, but Katherine reiterates their conversation from last week and fills in some blanks: Klaus saw Damon's bite, knows his blood is impure, and so Damon won't do for the Doppelganger ritual.

Quarry: Elena helps Jenna figure out that she's been vamped, or at least that Klaus fed her his blood and then killed her. Remember, in The Vampire Diaries' mythology, the fledgling vampire must feed to complete the transition. Poor Jenna. She doesn't want to feed but Greta Manwitch traps Elena in a magical circle of fire, and then cuts her own wrist and forces Jenna to feed. Jenna says she can't. Elena encourages her to resist, but having Greta's blood right in her face like that is too much for our vampire tadpole. She drinks deep and vamps out, Greta then surrounds Jenna with fire, too.

Bonnie's Safe House: Bonnie and Germ are still hiding out in the ruins where Bonnie juiced up on the mojo of a hundred dead witches. They're going through the Manwitch grimoire collection, looking for some way to keep Elena from becoming a vampire if she's sacrificed while Damon's blood is still in her system. Hey, how come Bonnie can't just magically choose the right grimoire like she did before?

Outside: As Alaric, Stefan and Elijah are approach the safe house, Elijah exposits that the ritual will happen in stages, as the full moon sets. First Satan Klaus will sacrifice the werewolf, then the vampire, and finally Elena. Once the Doppelganger drops dead, the Klaus curse will be broken, and he'll become a hybrid. And blah blah blah vulnerable during the transition. Blee bloo whaaaaaaa. Elijah is going to finish the job himself to ensure Bonnie doesn't die of magical exertion. Oh oh. Stefan, Alaric, Elijah is gorgeous but he is NOT to be trusted. Before our boys have time to consider my warning, Damon calls Stefan and tells him the sacrifice is happening and Klaus has Jenna. Stefan: "Oh my God." Audience: "We've been saying that for a week, now."

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