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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive
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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries, Elena cried. Fandom died.

Mystic Falls. Day. We open in Alaric's loft. Normally, I'd complain about this crew keeping Ric's loft, since no one but Matt knows how to put in a day's work, but I am pretending think it's in a building that the Gilbert parents owned, so I'm fine with it. Stefan has Elena running some training drills, which seems odd, even though she's managed to best an Original vampire (Kol), while he can't get a leg up on this baby vamp, unless he vervains her first. It's not about training, anyhow. In his attempts to get Elena to sublimate her desire to rip off Katherine's head, he has her smashing cinderblocks. The problem is, Elena is less into love and compassion and more into unwavering hatred, these days. Sometimes, I forget I love Elena (especially during this season -- season gore cure bore) Stefan reminds Elena that Katherine has 500 years or so (of strength) on her. Elena doesn't care. She just wants to kill Katherine and kickstart the fandom into full on revolt. Title card.

Grill. Even though he's forever alone, Matt schools Rebekah on the mercenary incentive behind graduation invites. When Rebekah tries to discuss their respective mothers, Matt is understandably stand-offish. We cut to the town square, where Caroline and Elena are addressing their graduation announcements. While Elena is done (on account of how everyone she's even tangentially related to is already dead and buried), Caroline is only on her second batch. No one, including Elena, cares that she's graduating. Elena tries to get Caroline to give up Katherine's location. Care Bear swears she doesn't know it, and orders her old friend to chill. We cut to the...

Woods. Dozen Dead Witches Glade. Katherine hears ghostly sounds before she finds Bonnie and asks, "Could you be any creepier," and "Why are we here?" Bonnie explains that in order to make Kiki immortal, she needs to talk to Qetsiyah (Q) and lower the veil to the Other Side. Bonnie exposits about the massacres (12 exploded humans, 12 hapless hybrids, 12 slain witches, 5 go-ollllllld rings) which form the Expression triangle. Once Bonnie harnesses the energy from all three points of the triangle, plus the juju in Silas's witch-ancestor-blood-filled tombstone, she can drop the veil between them and the Other Side (just within the triangle) to get what she needs. Kiki asks what that is, but Bonnie non-answers with some more about Silas's evil blah blah, then again demands the tombstone. Katherine doubts a 2,000 year old witch is going to do Bonnie's bidding and threatens to take her business elsewhere, because there's a really big market for Silas's tombstone. She tries to swan off but hits an invisible barrier. Bonnie explains that she's mystically linked herself to Katherine, "...which means you're stuck with me for the day. Silas can be anyone. If he gets in your head and figures out I don't need a full moon to do the spell -- it's over. Now about that tombstone?" We cut to the...

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