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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive

The Grill. Stefan takes a seat in the seemingly empty bar, and is joined by Caroline who suggests they celebrate. Stefan isn't in the mood. Caroline says, "What's wrong with you? Silas is dead, or whatever, and you're just sitting here like a bump on a log." That's because he's Stefan, Care Bear. Stefan says, "There was someone that I thought I would see today, and I... I didn't. That's all." A voice rings out behind him. "You'd better mean me." It's Lexi! Stefan grins and faces her. Is it just my faulty memory, or has Lexi grown out her hair on the other side? Its smiles all around as we cut back to the...

Cemetery gates. Damon curses like he used to be Sawyer instead of Boone, and stores Silas's corpse in his trunk. "Calcified Silas is one heavy son of a bitch." When he turns around, Alaric is there. When Damon takes a swig from his flask, Alaric says, "I can't think of a more appropriate way to spend my last moment as a semi-living person." They banter and after Alaric takes a drink, Damon says, "I thought you were cutting back." Alaric says, "Yeah, well, I thought you were going to take care of the children." Damon says, "You heard that? Well, that's not creepy." Alaric reaches in his pocket and pulls out a vial. "I uh found this in the dead guy's pocket." You mean not one of these other tools thought to search Silas for the cure. After all this? Oh Ric, we need you back. Alaric figures the cure will be of more use here than under the sea. Damon looks at the cure and asks, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Alaric smiles. "Get the girl." I find it touching Alaric (who, in life, was against Damon being with Elena) now thinks Damon should get the girl. Granted, Elena's now a vampire, but still, it is nice confirmation of Damon's growth. We cut...

Downtown. Lexi's laughing that Elena punched Stefan in the face, and tells him to take a hint. I guess she doesn't know Elena also staked Damon in the gut. The old friends have a sweet time catching up and Lexi notes she's been replaced by another blonde. Stefan tries to hide his grin and asks why Lexi is giving him a look. Lexi tells him Caroline is cute. Stefan smirks. "Do not start." Lexi rolls her eyes and we cut back to the...

Hellmouth. Grams tells Bonnie she has to up the veil. Bonnie has no intention of doing so until she brings Jeremy back to actual life. Grams says there's no magic strong enough to challenge death. Bonnie counters, "I have every magic." Oh hubris, thy name is Bonnie? Huh. The candles flare. Bonnie starts chanting. I'm pretty sure it's the same chant she used the last time she brought Jeremy back to life. Grams tries to stop Bonnie, but since the girl has the spirits (how did she get them back -- is it a veil thing) and Expression, she won't listen. Lines of black magic travel up Bonnie's arms. Joss Whedon gets a chill, and doesn't even know why. Grams continues to warn her granddaughter, but it's to no avail. The lines travel up her chest and onto her face. Bonnie gasps and falls to the ground. We cut to...

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