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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive

Ignoring my concerns, Caroline interrupts and asks, "What about us? Are we still friends? All those things you said when your humanity was off -- is that how you really feel?" Elena says she doesn't want to go down Memory Lane so Caroline gets more specific. "Well, how about when you said, and I quote, 'you're a repulsive, blood-sucking control-freak monster' -- did you really mean those things?" Elena says, "If you're waiting for an apology, you're not going to get one. I can't let myself feel bad, because if I feel bad, then I feel everything, and we've all see how well I handle that." If you're just catching up, Vampire Elena handles emotions POORLY.

As Elena throws a dart, the Grill lights go out. When Matt, Rebekah and Caroline go out to investigate they see the whole town is without power. Caroline offers to call her mom. A cruiser drives by sounding its siren. We cut to the...

Young Farm. Bonnie exposits about the 12 humans who died "in vain" there, for Silas. A mystical thingie happens. The power goes out. Bonnie tells Katherine she just linked the final hotspot. "It's time to drop the veil." Commercial.

Dark Place Which Is Possibly the Hospital. Liz shows Damon and Stefan a map and marks off the sites of the three massacres. Stefan explains their significance to season bore and draws an Expression triangle. Liz says about an hour ago a Power Company guy saw Bonnie leaving the Young farm, with Elena. The Salvatores know Elena is with Caroline, so they realize it must be Katherine with Bonnie. Stefan guestimates Bonnie and Katherine must now be in the center of the Expression triangle. We cut to...

Mystic Falls High School. Welcome to the Hellmouth. Joss Whedon is now on Twitter, so feel free to tweet him any royalties he is due from this episode (read: too many). There should only be Giles. The wind whips and whistles. Lights flicker. The Salvatores ask where Bonnie is. Elena answers, "Inside looking for Bonnie," then suggests she and Damon should look outside, while Stefan and Care Bear look inside.

Once Elena is alone with Damon, she asks where Katherine is. He tries to point out all the end-of-the-world crap that's happening right now and how they really need to find Bonnie. There's some bickering. Elena doesn't care finding Bonnie that until Damon points out Bonnie and Katherine are together. We cut...

Mystic Falls High School. Interior. Cafeteria. Stefan finds Caroline who reports that she's searched the whole school with no luck. Hearing a noise, the two head to the walk-in fridge. When they open the freezer inside it, they see the ice is melting. Following the trail of dripping water, Stefan realizes they need to check the lower level. We cut to the...

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