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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive

School Basement. Bonnie again demands the tombstone. Katherine finally hands it over. They bicker a little too. I don't like anyone this episode. We cut to a...

Hallway. Elena's walking with Damon, who is on the phone with Stefan, who asks where the basement is. Oh Stefan, your hair gel is seeping into your brain. The brothers agree to meet there. Once the call is over, Damon tells Elena she's going to have to wait there for him. They can't risk her killing Katherine right now, not only because it could go horribly awry, but also because all of Elena's other emotions will overwhelm her, if she actually manages to accomplish her goal. Elena thinks killing Katherine will rid her of grief and guilt. She asks Damon to help her kill Katherine, so she can get back to normal. Damon says, "She's strong and crafty. And you'll die." Elena rolls her eyes, then stakes him in the gut, and says, "At least I'll die trying." She whooshes off as Damon falls to the floor. We cut to the...

Basement. Wait. I don't even think this is a basement. It's some sort of tunnel/cave under the basement, so I'm tagging it as the Hellmouth from here on out. Bonnie grasps the tombstone. Blood starts to pour from it as she channels the power of the Expression triangle. Katherine and I are creeped out. Torches flare. Bonnie says, "It's done. The veil is down. Katherine nearly twinkles with delight. We cut to the hallway, where Damon is still suffering. As he struggles to pull out the stake, someone approaches and says, "Do you need a hand?" It's Alaric! That's as close as we're going to get to Giles. Welcome back, Ric. Commercial.

Alaric leans over and rips the stake out of Damon, who figures seeing his best dead friend is either really good, or really bad. He's worried this is the First Evil Silas. Ric laughs at the thought and helps Damon to his feet. Since Damon remains uncertain, Ric opens a locker, pulls out a bottle, and says, "Now, would Silas know about locker 42?" On our boards, people have noted that Silas could be reading Damon's mind. And of course, that is true, but I took this scene to mean that even Damon was surprised by locker 42. In other words, Ric did something Damon wasn't even thinking of, which is how and why Damon is convinced. Granted, Silas could also do that, provided he's read Damon's mind enough to know Alaric likes his liquor, but I still understand why Damon is convinced. Besides, this truly is Alaric, and it's not like he's asking Damon to do anything that would further Silas's goal, so let's just enjoy Ric, shall we? Damon sure is. He flashes a toothy grin, hugs Alaric, then realizes this must mean Bonnie dropped the veil. Ric says, "Well, not completely. It's only down inside the Expression triangle. If I step outside of it, it's back to ghost town." Damon asks why it's not currently wall-to-wall ghosts. Ric says, "Not every ghost has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls -- just the ones like me, looking out for their idiot best friends." Damon says he's more worried about the ones looking for enemies. We cut to...

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