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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive

The Grill. Rebekah is lighting candles, when Matt walks back in and notes that the wild wind suddenly stopped. Rebekah says, "Looks like something wicked finally came." Matt tells Becky she doesn't have to be there, but she says, "But it's fun and kind of cozy, with the storm outside, and the candlelight and us." Oh Matt, kiss her. Too late. Here comes Kol. "Greetings from the dead. So, who fancies a drink?"

Rebekah tears up as she says she never thought she'd see him again. Kol mocks her and points out she barely grieved his death. Kol says the veil is only partially down, and only for a while, so he's out for some revenge. Since Germ is already dead, he's gunning for Elena. Matt gets protective. Kol gets violent and breaks things, among them a glass bottle. Rebekah says Elena left hours ago and orders Kol to get out. He smiles. "I see you finally got the quarterback to pay attention to you." A beat. "How's the throwing arm, champ?" Before Matt or Rebekah can react, Kol throws the broken bottle at my Pudding Pop. It lands in his shoulder. Matt yells. Kol smirks and walks out. We cut to the...

Hellmouth. While Bonnie tries to reach out to Q, Katherine exhibits the patience of an ill-mannered toddler, until she hears someone coming. Bonnie tries to shush her, but Katherine reminds her she has vampire hearing and she's not inclined to wait there like a sitting duck. Since Bonnie won't let her leave, Katherine asks for some slack on the mystical apron strings. Bonnie grants it, so Katherine heads out into a tunnel and calls out, "Silas, come and get me." It's not Silas, though, it's Elena. Making the most of the element of surprise, her seething hatred and the fact that older vampires are only stronger when it services the plot, Elena stakes Katherine in the gut, before there's time to react. Back at the Hellmouth, Bonnie screams in pain (because she and Kiki are linked). Placing her hand on her stomach, she realizes she's bleeding. Back in the tunnels, Elena throws Katherine down, then picks her up and presses Katherine's face against heating pipes.

Back at the Hellmouth, Bonnie's face sizzles. She's on the ground, writhing in pain when Stefan and Caroline arrived. When Bonnie explains she's linked to Katherine, Caroline says, "Unlink her," and sends Stefan off to look for the doppelgängers.

Tunnels. Elena is about to stake Katherine when Stefan arrives and tackles his more recent girlfriend. Katherine purrs, "Thanks for the save, handsome." Stefan says, "Get the hell out of here, before I kill you myself." Before walking off, Katherine scoffs at the idea that she's currently Stefan's biggest problem. We cut to...

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