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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive

The Grill. Rebekah removes the glass from Matt's wound and offers to cure him with her blood, but he refuses. "People in this town have a bad habit of turning into vampires, and I'd like to graduate high school as a human." Rebekah understands and heads off in search of a first aid kit. When she gets to the kitchen, she hears grunting and slashing. Training her flashlight toward the noise, she sees Caroline on the floor, repeatedly cutting herself. We cut to the...

Hellmouth. Silas-as-Caroline asks Bonnie if she's okay. Bonnie says she's fine, since she unlinked Katherine. Now she's just waiting for Q. With crazy eyes and a creepy voice, Silas-as-Caroline says, "You might be waiting awhile." Bonnie whips around to find Silas (looking like Silas). He continues, "Qetsiyah's not coming, Bonnie." Bonnie says, "Silas," and turns back to find Silas-as-Caroline gone. Silas only wanted Bonnie to think he could no longer get in her head, but he can make her see whatever he wants. To prove his point, he appears as Stefan, then again as Caroline, then Stefan, then the monster, then Stefan, then Caroline. It's all very season 7 Buffy.

Silas blathers endlessly about how he's stronger, smarter, etc. He notes he defeated the Hunter's Curse in minutes. I'm not sure how that is, because I didn't think Q's descendants even created the Five 'til centuries after Q trapped Silas in that tomb. He blahs some more about how he'll always be one step ahead. We cut to commercial, just before my eyes roll completely out of my head.

Tunnels. Elena throws off Stefan and yells at him for saving Katherine. Stefan explains that Katherine and Bonnie were linked, so killing Katherine would have done in Bonnie as well. Elena doesn't believe Stefan when he tells her he saw Bonnie. She accuses Stefan of retaining feelings for Katherine. Stefan says this isn't about Katherine. It's about Jeremy. Killing Katherine won't take away her pain any more than training or turning off her emotions. It's all a distraction. "The truth is. There are no shortcuts. You are a vampire, Elena. Loss is part of the deal. Look, I've been alive for 163 years. I have lost more loved ones than I can count, and it hurts me every single time."

Elena says, "So there's no hope? You're saying I'm hopeless." No, Elena. That's the fandom. Stefan is telling you to face your grief. He offers to help her. Elena rants about how he's always willing to help, so Stefan compliments her on transferring her rage onto him. Elena says she doesn't need to transfer anything. "I can hate two people just fine." When he tries to stop her from leaving, she hits him and says, "Just like the cinderblock. Nothing." With that, she's gone. We cut to...

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