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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive

The Grill. Caroline keeps muttering about how she needs to bleed, because Silas wants her to. Rebekah tries to snap her out of it, while Matt calls Damon and warns him that Caroline's been there the whole time, which means they brought Silas with them to the school. He also reports that Kol has returned and is hunting for Elena. Damon and Alaric pause near the boiler room. Damon says, "You got any good news for me, Donovan?" Pudding Pop says he and Rebekah will handle the Caroline situation, "...just watch your back."

Damon hangs up, hands his phone to Ric and asks him to call Stefan and warn him about Faux Caroline. "Tell him to keep an eye on Elena. God knows he'll do a better job than me." Ric says, "Stefan? Isn't she your girlfriend?" It's kind of a timeshare arrangement, Alaric. Damon shrugs. He talks about the sire bond and how Elena then turned off her emotions, and how now she's raging at Katherine. Alaric says, "And you have no idea how she feels about you, and now you're freaking out." Damon turns back to face Ric and simply says, "Call Stefan," then walks off. I wouldn't be leaving my ghost buddy while there's a magically masterful impersonator lurking, but that's just me. We cut to...

The Grill. As Caroline struggles to break free of Rebekah and resume her cutting, Matt suggests compelling her. Rebekah says, "I can't. She's on vervain." Wait, but Silas can make her do all this, even though he lost his witchy-woo when he took his immortality potion. I hate this season's mythology so bad I want to burn it down and salt the earth. Eventually, Rebekah punches Caroline in the face. We know this breaks through the Silas thrall, because Caroline calls Becky a bitch. Rebekah sighs. "There is the Caroline I know and loathe." We cut to the...

Hellmouth. Bonnie orders Silas-as-Caroline to stay away from her. Silas agrees, once Bonnie finishes the spell and completely drops the veil, he will take the cure. "I just want to pass on, Bonnie. I'll even let you kill me. I'll be out of your life, for good." Bonnie points out that if she drops the veil all the way, every dead supernatural will be roaming the earth. Silas says, "Well, if you don't help me, I'll be roaming the earth." Bonnie, it might be worth facing all the monsters, to get Silas out of our collective face. Think it over, girl. Bonnie says she was never going to drop the veil. Silas speculates about what Bonnie's true plan was. He's interrupted by Damon. Silas turns into Alaric and tells Bonnie, "Maybe Damon will convince you." When Bonnie refuses to cooperate, Silas-as-Alaric makes Bonnie think she's not getting enough air. She gasps and falls to the ground. Silas-as-Alaric takes off. We cut to the...

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