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Unbeing Dead Isn't Being Alive

Cemetery. Elena reads Jeremy's headstone and says, "'Brother and friend'. What genius came up with that one?" Kneeling by his grave, she weeps as she confesses that she wanted to kill Katherine for him, but now she knows it's just a distraction. She sobs that she can't and doesn't want to move on, and can accept that means she's weak, but she can't handle Jeremy being gone. She can't handle her grief, either. She's interrupted by Kol, who says, "Hello, old friend." Elena rises. Kol says, "Pity about your brother. I guess it's just me against you, now." Commercial.

Hellmouth. Bonnie's gasping for breath is interrupted by Grams who appears and reminds Bonnie that this all a head game. She can breathe. Bonnie thinks this is Silas until Grams points out that Silas wouldn't try to help her. Once Bonnie catches her breath, she hugs Grams and says she was so worried about her, but Grams assures her she's fine and has been watching over her. She also tells Bonnie she can stop Silas. Bonnie doesn't think she can. She doesn't know how to immobilize him the way Q did. Grams tells her she can do it, too. "Expression is a manifestation of your will." Really, because it seems to me like dark magic fueled by sacrifice and blood spells. Grams: "You can do anything. I don't like it, but sometimes there are no choices." The pep talk continues. We cut to the...

Tunnels. Damon runs into Silas-as-Alaric who says he called Stefan, who is now headed for Elena. Damon says nothing and looks around. Silas-as-Alaric says, "Did you... find Silas?" Damon grins and says yeah, then punches Silas-as-Alaric in the face, which knocks him down. I guess we're completely abandoning that whole older vampires are stronger business. Okay, nobody's ever come straight out and called Silas a vampire, but he was desiccated and needed blood to revive him, and loads up on blood before he makes big moves. He's vampirish enough that I can't stop thinking of him as the Original Original. Anyhow, while Silas-as-Alaric is still on the ground, Damon finds a chain the prop department left for him, and wraps it around Silas-as-Alaric's neck. Silas-as-Alaric yells, "Damon, it's me." Damon says, "No, you're not. I've spent more time in these tunnels than I care to admit, and there's no way you just came from the school." He continues to choke Silas as he tells him his mind games won't work on him.

Bonnie finds them and tells Silas, "I may not be able to kill you, but I will stop you." As Damon keeps the tension on the chain, Bonnie's mojos up some wind to blow back her hair in a dramatic and attractive fashion. She tells Silas she'll make his blood clot, and his muscles and joints turn to stone. "You won't have power over us, anymore." Damon releases his hold. Silas rises and tries to stagger away, but he's turning to stone or something that looks like it. I don't know. When Damon asks what's happening, Bonnie says Silas can't hide behind mind control anymore. He's becoming his true self. Damon takes a closer look. "Who exactly might his true self be?" Bonnie answers, "I guess we'll never know." Ordinarily, I'd be pissed off at that answer about a season long villain, but I am so ready to get rid of Silas, I'll accept anything. Thanks for playing, Bonnie. We cut to the...

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