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This Is A Story About Control -- My Control
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We open on Stefan, doing shirtless pull-ups, or so I said when I wrote the recaplet. So imagine my stunned disappointment upon sitting down to re-watch the episode and instead of being greeted by shirtless Stefan, I got wife-beater Stefan. No, not that kind of wife-beater, sillies. He's not married. He's wearing a tank-style undershirt. I'm awfully sorry for my over-active imagination and even sorrier for the wardrobe department's overly-honed sense of duty. Anyhow, Stefan's doing pull-ups from a beam in his ceiling, when Damon walks in, carrying a glass of blood. He's fully clothed, and bitching that Stefan's got the music up too loud, which makes me think too much about vampire super-hearing for this early in the weecap, so moving right along....

Damon wants to know when Stefan's going back to school. When "Soon," is all he gets for an answer, big brother pushes things a little further -- urging Stefan to just give in and drink. "This self-detox is not natural." He waves his glass under little brother's nose and asks how long it took him to wean himself when last he indulged. Stefan's doing push-ups now, and still trying to ignore Damon who's now working a new angle. "I don't get it. I mean, you don't have to kill to survive. That's what blood banks are for." ...Or you know, seriously ill and injured humans. Besides, Stefan made it pretty clear to Lexi in "162 Candles" that he's the vampyric equivalent of an alcoholic, and human blood is his demon rum. He gives no similar explanation to Damon, just "I have my reasons." Damon: "What exactly are those holier than though reasons? Because we've never actually discussed that." Stefan can't help but note that Damon is taking a little too much delight in his struggle, but assures him he has everything under complete control. Uh huh. That's why, when Damon "accidentally" leaves his glass of blood behind, Stefan can't stop staring at it. Damon, who lives for I-told-you-so moments, waits just long enough, before returning to retrieve the glass and smirk at his suffering brother.

Theme Song!

Gilbert Gables: Elena, on her way to school, hollers for Jeremy to get a move on. Jenna sees her to the door, and when they open there's (SARK! Okay, I can't front with you all. I didn't watch Alias, and yet I still said, "SARK!" when I saw him. What is it about fandom that implants all these random pieces of trivia in the brain? For the un-implanted, David Anders) is the guy on the porch and he's playing Uncle Jon Gilbert. I suppose that could be John but until I see otherwise on-screen, I'm going with Jon because it's a diminutive of Jonathan as in However-Many-Greats Uncle Jonathan Gilbert. Oh man, I've completely lost the plot. Let's start a new paragraph.

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