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Actually, The Devil's Like, "Hey, I'm Not Hanging With This Crap."
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It is with light heart that I inform you that this is to be Television Without Pity's last recap of Windfall. As far as I'm concerned, the only downside to this is that I had finally broken myself of the habit of typing Nina's name as "Nine" all the damn time. Let's put this ugly-ass baby to bed. And put a pillow over its face.

It sounds like word about Zoe's disappearance has gotten out, because Addie (at home) is on the phone with Maggie (currently leaving a day spa), morbidly chattering away that bad luck often befalls lottery winners. "They say if you've been missing for 48 hours," Addie says, "you're dead." "Have you been on the internet again?" Maggie asks, like the writers don't know all that much about this new-fangled technology we're currently soaking in. Which, considering what I've been posting on it the past month, is probably just as well.

Also burning up the phone lines are Peter and Cameron. Peter gossips that Zoe's now officially a missing person, and Cameron has found out from the cops that Sean was even using a fake name. Not that I'm going to start calling Sean something else at this point. Beth's changing the baby in the background, and Peter hears the kid let out a squeal. "Is that the baby?" he asks, because with Cameron one is never really sure. Cameron waxes boring about the effect of money on their lives, and Peter tells him there's good in it. Cameron watches his wife kiss the baby, and says he sees that too. Sorry, too bored to come up with a joke here.

Peter goes out to the yard, where Nina's playing/doing yardwork with the kids. Apparently, in reaction to the Zoe thing, he's set up a "security meeting" and called all the other winners. Nina comments on the neighbor who's putting up security cameras and an ugly-ass cement wall around his property. Peter scoffs that the neighbor has always been a conspiracy freak and mocks his paranoia. And then he suggests a gated community. Well, as long as Peter hasn't gone overboard.

Sean and Tally have been pulled over for speeding. Genius move, Sean, going twenty miles over the limit when you're the prime suspect in a kidnapping. While the cop goes back to his car to do whatever the hell it is they do back there for a half hour every goddamn time they pull you over, Tally throws a bunch of stress at Sean on how to act so as not to alarm the cop, remarking that for all the cop knows, Sean has a gun. Sean insists that he doesn't, then notices the freaky way Tally's cradling her bag in her lap. And also the giant comic-book balloon floating in space above it, with an arrow pointing at it and the word "GUN" in big black letters. He grabs it away from her, and quickly finds the weapon she's got stashed in there. He demands to know what it's for, and Tally says that she wants to make sure that she and Zoe get out alive. "I don't care what he offers you." Sean reminds her that it's his money. "My question is, what would you do to get that back?" Instead of an answer, we get the credits. Wow, so Sean's not only a kidnapping suspect, he also got pulled over for speeding while leaving town with the victim's sister in the passenger seat and a gun in the vehicle. I don't know what's going to happen to him now, but if this show is even remotely realistic, he's not getting to Buffalo any time soon.

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