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In The Wind

Inside, around the fancy hors d'oeuvres table (nice asset-freezing, Sunny), Galina comes up to Damien, who's busy making eyes at Frankie across the room. "I understand 'pig,'" Galina says, holding up an item. "But not blanket." Damien's not up for another round of the endless Perfect Strangers home game with his wife, who realizes again that Damien's interest lies elsewhere. She tells him to go ahead and get a drink, and looks a little hurt as she watches him approach Frankie. And then she overhears Addie talking to a lawyer about the difficulties she's having divorcing her husband, saying that she should have gotten a prenup. The lawyer tells her, "It wouldn't have made any difference. The average prenup has holes you can drive a Bentley through." Galina looks very interested by this conversation, and approaches the lawyer to ask, "What is Bentley?" No, really, she wants to talk about prenups. The lawyer asks her if she wants one. Galina: "I already have, but mine is from vending machine." Okay, heh. Also: Damien is a fucking idiot. The lawyer suggests that they talk about it afterwards. So I guess they're both pretty confident that this meeting is going to end with everybody rich again.

Peter calls the meeting, such as it is, to order, such as it is, in the living room. As Cameron wanders in next to Beth with the baby in a Snugli® (and, damn, did they spend all their winnings at Babies "R" Us or what?), Peter starts out by saying that there are a lot of strong feelings in the room, but he thinks that they can keep things civil. Or at least he does, until Sunny barges into the house and stands right up front where everyone can see her. Peter tries to tell Sunny the meeting is only for "winners of record," but Sunny indicates Kimberly and says, "If she can be here, so can I." Some burly longhair says, "I don't want to look at that greedy cow. She froze all my money!" The geek with the money suit from last week (which he wisely left at home tonight), points out, "At least she didn't steal her share to begin with." Whatever the fuck that means. And then it gets ugly, with people blaming Nina and yelling at each other while Peter unsuccessfully tries to calm things down. Kimberly gets up from her spot on the couch next to Maggie, who just shakes her head.

Tally sure has gotten dressed up in order to meet at night with the convicted felon who may have been involved with her sister's disappearance. Sean tells her what he knows: he figures that Jeremy is going to try to access the money, which means he has to be near a phone and a computer. Great, that narrows it down. He doesn't mention that he's also going to want to be near something sharp so he can carve chunks off of her. Tally wonders if Zoe maybe just left on her own, and Sean says that he's waiting to hear back from some people he and Jeremy both know in Buffalo. And so much for the theory that this show takes place in Buffalo. I'm still thinking upstate New York, though. Tally wonders why the cops aren't looking into Sean's "lead", and Sean admits that the cops think that they have it figured out. He's probably being shadowed right now (that's me saying that, not Sean). Tally just glares at him, and he realizes that the cops might not be alone in that. "You don't have a lot of fans around here," Tally sourly acknowledges. Sean says that he still doesn't want to tell anybody about the deal he made with Zoe, because he doesn't want her to get in trouble if and when she comes back. "Or lose the money, right?" Tally points out. Rather than denying it, Sean hands Tally Zoe's PDA and cell phone and asks her to try to figure out the email password to find clues to her sister's whereabouts. He says that his number and address are in there, and she should contact him if she finds anything, although he'll be out of town for a few days. He leaves, and Tally doesn't look all that relieved that Sean didn't kidnap and/or kill her, too.

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