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In The Wind

Back at the winners' meeting, things are still blowing up. Kimberly's hiding out in the bathroom, but lets Nina in when she knocks. Nina tells Kimberly not to worry about it: "They're a bunch of idiots. They're so scared of losing that money." Kimberly admits that maybe she's scared of fighting for it. "What about Ethan?" Nina asks. Kimberly saints that even when they were poor, she thanked God every day for Ethan. "I feel like I have so much," she says weepily, "I'm afraid to ask for more." Okay, now I hate her. Christ, save it for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Tally's back in her apartment, browsing through photos on her computer. Most of them have Zoe and/or Tally in them, including one badly PhotoShopped specimen of the two of them standing side-by-side with their shoulders overlapping. Tally flips back to the picture of Zoe and a dog we've never seen before, and then her phone rings. It's one of the detectives calling from the police station. He tries to be all casual as he says that they "overlooked some housekeeping" when she was in earlier; specifically, they forgot to ask Tally for a DNA sample. You know, just in case. Tally isn't as dumb as she looks, and she realizes that this means they found blood in Zoe's apartment. The detective freezes on the other end of the phone, like, way to hold up under questioning, there, Sparky. He can dish it out but he can't take it. Tally freaks out, hangs up, and gets the hell out of there.

Beth's sitting out on Nina and Peter's porch by herself, averse as always to confrontation. Cameron comes out with the squalling baby attached to his chest, and says that the baby is having trouble breathing. Okay, when we learned that M. Small was allergic to carrots, it was because his reaction to them included having trouble breathing. So I know what an infant in respiratory distress sounds like. It most assuredly does not sound like an air raid siren. Beth puts her ear to the kid's mouth for some reason, like she's the one who needs to be struck deaf. Yeah, that's fair.

One ambulance transition shot later, Beth and Cameron are rushing into the Emergency Room behind paramedics and doctors. "Help him," Beth says. "He can't breathe." Like it just came up. They stand there looking worried as the docs go to work.

Back from commercials, Cameron asks what's wrong with the kid, and the doctor's initial diagnosis is "substance withdrawal." He goes back in to join the scrum of medical professionals, and no matter how crappy I think this show is -- and I do -- there's something heartbreaking about seeing all these doctors working on the kid, with no part of him visible except a tiny little hand waving a toy giraffe around. Shut up. I'm not made of stone, and I used to have a baby myself before he turned into a toddler.

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