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In The Wind

Back at the party, the big fight has broken up into a bunch of little fights. Nina takes Peter aside and says that she doesn't want to "let Kimberly walk away from what's hers." Peter still thinks there are plenty of other ways that Kimberly's name could have ended up on the dollar. Yeah, maybe Sunny wrote it there. Shut up, Peter. Nina asks Peter why he's so eager to trust Sunny: "What is it about that girl that men never see her for what she is?" The fact that she's threatening to take away everyone's money? Peter accuses Nina of being jealous of Sunny, and Nina realizes what's going on: the money is bringing out the worst in everyone, including them. Thanks for the news flash.

Back out in the living room, the burly longhair is trying to intimidate Sunny and getting nowhere. Peter heads back in and a lawyer throws an arm around his shoulder, saying that this is starting to look like a twenty-way lawsuit, which is no way to start a new business. Addie says to nobody that either Kimberly or Sunny is lying, but either way she doesn't know what it has to do with them. From off-camera, some extra says that it's a shared win. Thanks for clearing that up, fifty-odd minutes in. Finally, Peter makes it to the front of the room and says that he's come up with a solution: "It's fair, it's quick, and it does it tonight." In short, he suggests that each winner give one twentieth of their share to Sunny. General consternation ensues. Peter says that it's only 5%, after which they'll close ranks. "Anybody makes a claim against one of us, they're making a claim against all of us." Uh, not unlike what's happening now? Most people don't want to give Sunny a dime, but Peter points out that it beats giving a third to the lawyers. Surprisingly, no lawyers object. He speechifies that the money has caused all manner of fighting among people who are supposed to be close: "Maybe none of you lay awake at night wondering what you did to deserve twenty million bucks, but I do.... If we're willing to go at each other like this over a piece of money that we don't even need? None of us deserves a dime." Nina's the first to smile. Amazingly, there is no slow-clap.

Later, everyone's leaving as Peter and Nina stand by the door saying their goodbyes. Money-Suit Geek mentions something to Peter about going to a baseball game, and Peter totally gives him the "maybe" blow-off. On Kimberly's way out, she thanks Nina, who hugs her when she gets all tongue-tied. "It was the least we could do," Peter adds. Shut up, Peter. Go have sex with Sunny or something. Kimberly hugs him anyway. Nina leaves them to it, and goes over to Sunny. "Are you happy?" Nina asks her. "You should be." Sunny's all, "I guess it's only a million less than I should have, but same with you." How magnanimous. I suppose the important thing is that she's learned her lesson. Also important is the fact that Peter basically ignores her when she walks out past him. Ooh, that's going to sting for at least a third of a second.

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