There And Gone Again

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In The Wind

Maggie's in the kitchen, gathering some scraps. Some tall blond waiter comes in and mocks her for it, and she comes right back at him: "Just because I won the lottery, I'm a cheapskate because I don't waste food?" The waiter says that he's kidding, because Maggie could get him fired nine hundred times over. He then offers his congratulations/condolences, which gets her attention. "I'll take enough over too much any day," he smugs. Maggie is totally fished in by this, and asks for his number. She gets it, written on her hand. Whatever.

Damien's out in front of Frankie's house, throwing rocks at her bedroom window. I don't know whether he's been there before, or if he just picked a window at random. Too bad they both don't have cell phones, in any case, as we just saw they did about a half hour ago. Frankie comes out, wondering what he's doing at her house at 10:00 PM. Damien invites her for a drive, but she can't since she has school tomorrow. "Can't you call one of your friends?" she asks. Damien says that they all have the same problem. "It's an epidemic," he "cracks." He suggests a walk, but Frankie says that her mom's home and is going to Arizona the next day. "So she totally ignores you unless she needs you for a deposition or you fit into her schedule?" Damien says, which is rather rude of him. He immediately apologizes, even though Frankie lets him off the hook. "She used to be a really good mom," Frankie says. "Before my dad left. And the money. It does weird things to people." Like Damien doesn't know. She asks him whether he ever thinks about going back home, and he flatly says no before leaving. "I ache for you," the soundtrack anvils as he slumps across her lawn to his sad, sad, bright red Viper that's almost two whole days old now.

The baby's been moved to Baby Intensive Care or whatever, and the doctor's telling Cameron and Beth that the narcotics in the baby's system should clear out in a few days. Beth asks how they got there in the first place, and the doctor guesses secondhand pipe smoke. "My God," Beth groans, and walks off, leaving Cameron to ask the doctor how best to help the baby now. The doctor doesn't really know anything, beyond saying that a lot of the kids just need to be held. Cameron looks back in through the glass at the baby, and sees where Beth's gone: She's actually entered the unit and is lifting the kid out of his bassinet, giving him snuggles and kisses. Cameron looks touched that his wife isn't the huge asshole she pretends to be, and the baby just looks back at him with his Mini-Cameron eyes like, This has been going on all day, you sucker. Soon, I bet she'll even know my name.

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