There And Gone Again

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In The Wind

Frankie goes back into her house to find her mother crashed out on the sofa. Frankie spoons her, and gets one sleepy arm around the shoulder for her trouble. Enjoy Arizona, Addie.

Galina's back at Damien's suite, so either Damien dropped her off before he went to hassle his girlfriend, or she got a ride home from her new lawyer. She's sprawled on the couch in what passes for her PJs and watching a network-friendly version of hotel-room porn. When she hears the key in the door, she flips off the tube and hops up, looking guilty and holding a flimsy blanket in front of herself. Damien says that he doesn't care if she watches TV, but she heads into her bedroom anyway. Damien sits down in her place and turns the TV back on. It's still on the porn channel, so he turns it back off in alarm. And then he reconsiders. Galina watches from her bedroom as he deliberately turns it back on and sets down the remote. Satisfied, she turns and walks to her bed, dropping the blanket and giving Damien, should he be interested, a view of her green top and teeny-tiny white shorts, which she displays to maximum effect as she crawls up the length of her bed. Damien turns to watch her. Galina gets under the covers, looking sneaky. Damien looks helpless to resist. I was wondering how long it was going to take her to realize that the Balki Bartokomous routine was not only degrading and demeaning, but a waste of time. Whereas waving her ass in his face is probably not a waste of time.

Sean grabs a roll of bills out of his dresser drawer, and he's getting ready to go when there's a knock at his apartment door. It's Tally, of course, saying she "hacked" Zoe's password, which is a generous term for typing in Zoe's old dog's name. But the only clues Tally found were a reservation that Zoe made to Santiago for two: herself and Sean, she says. She also found the beginning of an email saying how wonderful Sean is. Sean pretends not to be happy to hear it, although you know he's relieved that Tally has a reason to trust him now. He says that he's going to Buffalo, since a friend of his there says that Jeremy's sister is acting weird. Tally says that she's going with him. Sean turns her back on her to get his bag, which is enough time for her to reach into her bag and show the camera the handgun she's got stashed in there. She puts it back in, and Sean ushers her out the door, none the wiser. So, now, does she buy Sean's story, and plan to shoot Jeremy when they find him? Or was she lying to him about the email she found, and she still thinks he did something to Zoe and she's hoping he'll lead her to her, whereupon she plans to shoot Sean? Or maybe Dave lied to Sean about not knowing where Zoe is. Or maybe the motel manager lied to Sean about not knowing where Jeremy is. So many variables at play here. And I could say I care, but I'd be lying.

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