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In The Wind

Meanwhile, Sean is rifling through Zoe's bag in her trashed apartment, which is, of course, when the landlady or a neighbor appears in the open doorway and asks what the hell he's doing. To his credit, Sean realizes that this probably looks pretty bad, and asks the woman whether she has seen Zoe. The woman just shakes her head fearfully. Sean finds Zoe's cell phone and PDA (which are two separate devices, unlike on some other shows I recap), and heads out, brushing past the neighbor/landlady. "I'm calling the police," the woman announces, because she's hoping that Sean will come back and shoot her.

Outside, Sean sees that his car has been parked in by a rental moving truck and piles of furniture on the driveway. Wow, vacant apartments go fast in this town. He demands that they move the truck now, but the two guys and one girl (but no pizza place) tell him to chill for five minutes. Sean angrily says that he'll move the truck himself, but he's not so desperate and reckless that he goes straight up to the cab without first trying to pull down the back door. Safety first, you know. Of course, the guys try to stop him, and Sean naturally gets violent. Just in time for the cops to arrive and bust his stupid ass. "The guy that got [Zoe] got a real head start 'cause of you," Sean bitches as he gets bundled off to the squad car. Maybe that'll learn him to try to close other people's moving trucks before driving them.

Credits. Still in alphabetical order, so D.J. Cotrona (Sean) is first. Which is weird, because whether you go alphabetically or in order of importance, first billing should really go to 'Contrivance.'

Kimberly's sitting with Peter and Nina at their kitchen table, laying out what we already know from last week: Sunny claims to have a witness who saw her put her dollar in the can, while Kimberly has no one backing up her story. What a shame that Peter and Nina sent their two daughters off to boarding school in Sweden or something, because they could have backed up Kimberly. Instead, we neither see nor hear from them all episode. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. Kimberly continues, "Not to mention you all know [Sunny], so you probably think I'm lying." Nina says that she's the one who found Kimberly's dollar, so she believes her. Maybe she should have held on to it, is all I'm saying. Not that it was the smartest move on Kimberly's part to write her name and number on a bill she thought was going to be used to buy the ticket in the first place, but I think we've been over that. Kimberly turns to Peter, who says he doesn't know. Way to back up your wife there, dickface. He suggests that Kimberly split her share with Sunny, rather than risk losing everything. Annoyed Kimberly asks whether he would do the same, and adds, "Or are you afraid that if this thing goes to court she'll freeze your winnings too?" Nina says that's not it [Peter's expression: "That's totally it"], and offers to talk to Sunny to see if they can come up with some kind of compromise to make it go away. Kimberly isn't happy about it, but nobody else seems to have a better idea. Or any lines to end the scene with.

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